The Class

Season 1 Episode 1

The Class Reunites (a.k.a. Pilot)

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 2006 on CBS
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Eight friends who shared the same third grade class 20 years ago are reunited when Ethan Haas, one of the friends, throws a surprise anniversary party for his fiancée, also from the same third grade class. The party turns into a total disaster when Ethan's fiancée Joanne breaks up with him. Holly reunited with the love of her life, Kyle, who is now dating a man. Duncan reunites with Nicole, who is now married to a football star Yonk Allen. And Richie goes out on a date with Lina.moreless

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  • Best show ever! (well, since Friends)

    I used to watch this show on youtube all the time, but now suddenly I can't find it anymore. Can anyone help me?
  • Everything Just Fits Together Perfectly!

    I just watched this on YouTube. It is so funny and everything just fits together so well! I love the characters and how they fit into the episode. The sisters were so funny and Richie was amazing! You gotta love Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Holly's husband is hilarious! I loved this episode so much that i just had to immediately watch the next one!
  • Great beginning!

    I'll admit I was only watching because David Crane was the producer of 'Friends'. But it was a very good surprise.

    Twenty-years later, a third grade class reunites. They are all so, but so much different, and yet find their ways to one another. It was a very funny episode, mostly because of Lizzy Caplan (who is terrific!), but it had excellent lines and definately made me want to keep watching.

    It wasn't much for us to get to know the characters, but Kat and Richie were the funniest for me. I tought Lina was too out there and that Nicole (Andrea Anders, missed her since 'Joey' was canceled) need more lines. Actually, what I liked most in this episode was Duncan's mother (whom he still lives with!) and Holly's daughter OPRAH! Maybe I was looking out for signs, but I did see a little bit of 'Friends' in this episode. Not in the 'Friends' perfection, but there was <i>something</i>. Anyway, let's wait and see! I hope they don't cancel The Class soon!moreless
  • And so it began.

    I do believe that this show has great potential. The pilot was very, very funny. I especially loved the part where he ran her over with the car. I think that with David Crane, one of the masters of "Friends" behind it, the show has the possibility to go to many different places. The characters are a bit stereotypical, but they are still funny. I hope this show gets a chance, now that it's been switched to 8:30pm instead of starting out the night at 8pm.moreless
  • It was a great pilot and extremely hilarious! I will definitely continue to watch it!

    This was an excellent episode and a great start for the seires. The characters were well-introduced without giving away too much about what was going to happen. The concept of the show is unique and so are the characters. It\'s easy to relate to the characters and it\'s pretty believable. The actors and actresses were great and they each seemed to work well together and give it something extra. I found this episode extremely funny and it really inticed me and made me want to watch the next episode, especially with a cliffhanger ending. I definitely could not wait to watch the next episode!moreless
Joe Roseto

Joe Roseto


Guest Star

Kasey Wilson

Kasey Wilson

Joanne Richman

Guest Star

Eric Allan Kramer

Eric Allan Kramer

Yonk Allen #2 (uncredited)

Guest Star

Cristian de la Fuente

Cristian de la Fuente


Recurring Role

Karley Scott-Collins

Karley Scott-Collins

Oprah Liza Pearl

Recurring Role

David Keith

David Keith

Yonk Allen

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • TRIVIA: Each of the main characters is dressed at the party in the outfit they are wearing in the opening credits, Holly is the only one who does not follow this trend. In the credits, her pant-suit is a periwinkle color, yet in the actual episode it's a peach color. It is the same colour as the dress she is wearing in the unaired pilots opening credits.

    • TRIVIA: The show is set in Philadelphia.

    • TRIVIA: The main characters all attended Woodman Elementary School, and attended Mrs Klinger's class. The class were in 3rd grade in 1986.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Holly: (To Kyle) I just wonder what I'm going to tell my daughter when she's in high school and she asks me, Mommy, what was your prom like? I guess I'll just say, well sweetie, I went with this very cute boy who was a wonderful dancer... and then we went to a party at your Aunt Marcy's house and later that night I walked into her bedroom and there he was... with this other boy from our Spanish class doing all the things I was finally prepared to do with him! (pretends to strangle him)

    • Lina: (To Joanne) Oh, uh, I-I-I'm sorry... but everything you just said sounded really, really nice. I mean, seriously, if I had someone doing amazing, extravagant things for me everyday I think I'd just shut up! I mean, you call these problems?! (mockingly) Oh, it's horrible, someone wrote in the sky for me... I'd kill to find a little note in my diaphragm case! Oh... but that's just me.

    • Lina: Kat was expelled for telling Mr. Dubban he looked like a penis.
      Richie: He did; he kinda looked like a penis.
      Lina: Yeah... and the turtlenecks didn't help.

    • Nicole: So, where're you living now?
      Duncan: I'm still in Narberth.
      Nicole: Oh? Where?
      Duncan: Oh, uh, Montgomery Street.
      Nicole: Doesn't your mom live... oh...
      Duncan: Yeah.

    • Ethan: (about Joanne) When we met it was like fate brought us together. Now what's it doing?
      Kat: I'm not really a big believer in fate.
      Ethan: Yeah well, I hate fate!
      Kat: Let's not make it mad though!

    • Duncan: Hey. What are you doing here? (Nicole grabs his face and kisses him) Good enough!
      Nicole: I don't know what this is.
      Duncan: I don't care.

    • Nicole: So, anyway... it was really great to see you again.
      Duncan: Yeah... yeah, you too.
      Nicole: And you're happy?
      Duncan: Yeah. Like you said, it's all good. (pause as they look at each other) It's just kinda hard knowing that I'm not even thirty and the greatest thing that will ever happen to me already happened.

    • Duncan: Hey. What are you doing here? (Nicole grabs his face and kisses him) Good enough!
      Nicole: I don't know what this is.
      Duncan: I don't care.

    • Ethan: (talking about his plan to Joanne, on the party) ... I even tracked down Mrs. Klinger. (Mrs. Klinger is drinking) FYI, if you want some vodka, get it now.

    • Ethan: After our call, I assumed you weren't coming.
      Kat: The deal is--we can leave in 20 minutes if it sucks.
      Ethan: You're just a big bag of sunshine, aren't ya?

    • Kat: Wow. Cheating on you in your own bed.
      Lina: Yeah.
      Kat: Oh, I hate him! And yet I admire him.

    • Kat: You know, but I gotta say my birthday's the same as that Son of Sam guy. Yeah, it's not really enough to base a relationship on!

    • Kat: Wow. What happened to the girl who just got dumped last night?
      Lina: You mean Mrs. Kyle Lendo?

    • Richie: (on the phone, to Lina) You're like... the first good thing that's happened in my life in the past two years.
      Lina: I am?
      Richie: Yeah, you're like this amazing, shining, positive... (He hits her with his car as he backs up)
      Richie: Lina? Lina? Hello?

    • Kat: (To Ethan about Joanne) Come on! She just dumped you, in front of twenty strangers, at a party you threw for her. I think we can trade up.

    • Kat: (about Joanne) You have got to stop thinking about her as the person you were meant to be with! In fact, stop thinking about her as a person. For a while, she's just that selfish, hurtful, whore.
      Ethan: I'll give you selfish and hurtful.
      Kat: Oh, come on, gimme whore, too!

    • Kat: Just so I know, um... how long are you gonna wallow?
      Ethan: She left me an hour ago, I was thinking maybe an hour and ten minutes!

    • Nicole: Yonk? Am I the best thing that's ever happened to you?
      Yonk: Of course you are. (silence) You're not counting playin' in the Superbowl, are you? I mean, come on, it's the Superbowl! But you're definately second. (silence) Oh wait. There's that million-dollar check I got for putting my name on that stupid barbecue grill. That didn't suck. So it goes Superbowl, big check, then you. (silence) Dinner at the White House...

    • (After Ethan rushes out after Joanne, who has just broken up with him)
      Kat: This is the best party ever!

    • Richie: Oh my God. Is that Nicole?
      Duncan: Aha.
      Richie: Ah, She looks...
      Duncan: Yeah.
      Richie: Oh, she brought her dad.
      Duncan: Husband. Dad is younger.

    • Duncan: He used to play for the Eagles.
      Richie: I never followed music...
      Duncan: It's a football team.
      Richie: ... Or sports.

    • Richie: The last couple of years have pretty much been a living hell.
      Duncan: Oh, I'm sorry.
      Richie: It's gonna get better.
      Duncan: Oh, there you go.
      Duncan: I don't know why I say things like that. It's not.

    • Kat: (To Ethan, on the phone) You know, it is funny. I have no recollection of either you or Joanne. But you really sound like people I would hate!

    • (Ethan is inviting Kat to the party over the phone)
      Ethan: I know it's kinda weird, but it's the 20th anniversary of the day I met my fiancée-Joanne Richmond, she was also in our class. It's kind of a cute story.
      Kat: I love cute stories. (hangs up the phone)

    • Ethan: I just... can't imagine being with anybody else!
      Kat: I know, it hurts, but... I have totally forgotten your name.

    • Ethan: (calling Duncan on phone) Duncan? Hi, this is Ethan Haas.
      Duncan: From third grade?
      Ethan: (ecstatic) Yeah!!

  • NOTES (9)


    • When Lina a phone call at the diner, her ringtone is the theme from a 1939 classic drama/romance movie hit Gone With The Wind starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.