The Class

Season 1 Episode 1

The Class Reunites (a.k.a. Pilot)

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Who wrote this stinker, and why were they allowed to!

    Shame on CBS for trying to pass off this garbage off as a real TV show! No laughs, No Drama, No acting. That about covers it all.

    While the premise of the show was interesting (the reason I tuned in), the excecution was so poor even my dog left the room. It took me hours to get the stench of really bad tv out of my living room.

    After watching this show, I understand why the networks are pulling shows after one or two episodes. This begs the question however, as to why the networks are allowing these shows to be developed in the first place. I understand the theory of thowing stuff at a wall and see what sticks, but please, lets try to throw somthing other then offal. I guess the networks just don't get it. that with all of the viewing choices we have today, they need to put on better stuff not worse stuff.
  • Funny but needs more work to make it a great show!

    It is a funny show but IMO, it needs to be worked on more with time and scripts. Don't get me wrong, the actors are great and gifted. But it just needs more time. Ethan is throwing a party with his fiancee as he invites his class from the third grade over. The show doesn't fully far apart thanks to the acting of lead Jason Ritter, who has the gift of comedy like his late father John. Still needs working though again.
  • Remarkably mediocre.

    Sitcoms are a dying breed these days, and I think that "The Class", and shows like it, are a reason why. Mostly it's just a bunch of producers trying to recreate "Friends" and not succeeding. The third grade class twist was mildly interesting, and that (and Lizzy Caplan) was why I was willing to watch this show, but for the most part it just wasn't all that funny. I mean, it wasn't terribly unfunny. I did laugh. Twice. But the jokes were usually predictable and lacking. I winced a few times too.

    Not to mention that the characters were irritating. I don't think there was a single one that really piqued my interest, and a couple of them were downright annoying, not to mention stereotypical (how many times have we done the loser living at his mother's house?).

    It seems a little odd that two romances actually began during the pilot episode, though. I mean, what about longevity? Maybe even the writers have already figured out that the lifespan of this show will most likely be minimal.

    I wanted this show to be good. I didn't expect it to, but I wanted it to. Oh well.
  • Not what I had hoped for....

    This wasn't the comedy that I was expecting/hoping for. Just seems pretty ridiculous that it revolves around a 3rd grade class. Maybe I didn't read enough about it to bein with, but I guess I was expecting it to be derived from a higher grade level reunion at least. I didn't get emotionally connected to any of the characters, which didn't help my overall feeling of the show. I was expecting more, but will keep watching for at least a few more episodes to see if it gets better. I don't see this one making it for more than one season.
  • Well, there was one surprise in the pilot, anyway...

    I watched this show, mostly because it took over the Corner Gas spot in Canada: 8 p.m. on Mondays. And now Corner Gas is on at 8:30... so, yeah, basically, I watched it because the tv was on. It was okay, and there was the one surprise of the main character being dumped in the pilot, which I didn't expect at all.

    Otherwise, it was just okay. Not offensive, and not particularly funny either. Just okay. Given the time slot it has here in Canada, I'll probably continue to watch it, at least for a few weeks. But if it doesn't get any better, I may just start turning the tv on at 8:30.
  • Always Hard to Tell From the Pilot

    Based on the previews we've been seeing all summer and who is in the cast I decided to check out The Class. Pilot episodes are always hard to judge because we're being given so much exposition there is little else that goes on. I am definitely going to give this show a few weeks and see what it becomes. The writing isn't bad maybe a little predictable at times. The cast seems more than competant with the material that they are given. Jason Ritter as the center of the show seems a bit bland - this again could develop and we see more of the quirks of his character- and those around him much quirkier and therefore more interesting. If the show develops as a true ensemble and doesn't always focus on the idealistic Ethan I can see it sticking around (heck, how many years did CBS run Yes, Dear anyway). I'm definitely going to give this show some time to develop and see what happens, hopefully CBS will too.
  • "Friends" and "Mad About You" made a baby... and it's better than expected...

    The first time I saw a promo for "The Class," I was immediately turned off. The commercial boasted about how David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, creators of "Friends" and "Mad About You" respectively, had a new show. Then it continued with bland clips of an ensemble cast of B-Actors. CBS knows very well that America is desperate for something to fill the void "Friends" left, so they advertised "The Class" as exactly what it is, a "Friends" copycat. Smart marketing.

    "The Class" has a little more originality than marketing wants to give it. Though the premise itself is boring, the jokes are clever, and the young cast has "Friends" fame possibilities.

    With a slightly larger cast than most sitcoms, many of the talented actors don't get the opportunity to prove themselves. Three actors did. Lizzy Caplan was the standout of the pilot. Everyone loves a sarcastic, bitter character, and Caplan's Kat is just that. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Heather Goldenhersh are charming together as the socially and relationship-ly disfuctional of the group. Their awkward dialogue and quirky characteristics are a surprise treat.

    Lucy Punch does all that she can with the little screen time she is given. If her character is given more material, she could easily steal the show. Andrea Anders made her mark on NBC's failed "Joey." She helped create a personality for her character and proved to be the only watch-worthy performer on the show. It looks like she'll have to to the same with her character Nicole.

    The only true disppointment of the series comes from the show's unofficial leading man Jason Ritter. He is given the most screentime and does absolutely nothing with it. It is painful to watch him. He's just that boring.

    The finaly complaint about the show is a common error made by many sitcoms. It predetermines relationships between characters. If you couldn't tell - Ethan and Kat will be getting together sometime in the future, Richie and Lina have already began a relationship, as well as Duncan and Nicole. It's most likely Kyle and Holly could become a goofy "Jack and Karen"-esque duo.

    "The Class" is not a strong pilot whatsoever, but with Crane and Klarik as producers, maybe they can catapult it into something more. We have episode two to tell us that.
  • Oook start but be patient

    I thought it was a nice start nothing spectacular so be patient with the reviews it looks like it's got something in it's tank. It brought me back to my school days though that was funny. The characters to start off really stood out and i enjoyed everyone pretty much so I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • Everything Just Fits Together Perfectly!

    I just watched this on YouTube. It is so funny and everything just fits together so well! I love the characters and how they fit into the episode. The sisters were so funny and Richie was amazing! You gotta love Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Holly's husband is hilarious! I loved this episode so much that i just had to immediately watch the next one!
  • Best show ever! (well, since Friends)

    I used to watch this show on youtube all the time, but now suddenly I can't find it anymore. Can anyone help me?
  • And so it began.

    I do believe that this show has great potential. The pilot was very, very funny. I especially loved the part where he ran her over with the car. I think that with David Crane, one of the masters of "Friends" behind it, the show has the possibility to go to many different places. The characters are a bit stereotypical, but they are still funny. I hope this show gets a chance, now that it's been switched to 8:30pm instead of starting out the night at 8pm.
  • It was a great pilot and extremely hilarious! I will definitely continue to watch it!

    This was an excellent episode and a great start for the seires. The characters were well-introduced without giving away too much about what was going to happen. The concept of the show is unique and so are the characters. It\'s easy to relate to the characters and it\'s pretty believable. The actors and actresses were great and they each seemed to work well together and give it something extra. I found this episode extremely funny and it really inticed me and made me want to watch the next episode, especially with a cliffhanger ending. I definitely could not wait to watch the next episode!
  • Very promising start

    I really liked this episode of this show. It was hilarious! I would have to watch more episodes of it to decide whether or not its worthy of going on my favorite TV shows list, but its off to a good start. Lizzy Caplan is very funny and I get the feeling that Kat will be my favorite character. All in all, I will have to wait to see a bit more of what this show will offer but one thing is for sure: I will definetely be tuning in again next week to watch it again. Hopefully it will continue to get even better...
  • Great beginning!

    I'll admit I was only watching because David Crane was the producer of 'Friends'. But it was a very good surprise.

    Twenty-years later, a third grade class reunites. They are all so, but so much different, and yet find their ways to one another. It was a very funny episode, mostly because of Lizzy Caplan (who is terrific!), but it had excellent lines and definately made me want to keep watching.

    It wasn't much for us to get to know the characters, but Kat and Richie were the funniest for me. I tought Lina was too out there and that Nicole (Andrea Anders, missed her since 'Joey' was canceled) need more lines. Actually, what I liked most in this episode was Duncan's mother (whom he still lives with!) and Holly's daughter OPRAH! Maybe I was looking out for signs, but I did see a little bit of 'Friends' in this episode. Not in the 'Friends' perfection, but there was <i>something</i>. Anyway, let's wait and see! I hope they don't cancel The Class soon!
  • Introduction.

    Well, I waited whole summer to finally see the pilot, and what can I say? It was good. It was just like I expected it. Pilots aren't ment to be the best episodes of the entire series. They are just suppose to introduce us the characters.

    One of the things that I mostly hated was the fact that people hated the show even before they watched it, and I just hate it when people judge a show without even watching it.

    The characters are all great. All with promising stories. Ethan has just been dumped, and I can already see some kind of relationship with Kat (will they, or won't they---type of storyline). Kat is an amazing character, probably the one with the best personality of all of them.

    Her sister Lina is also very funny. Every other character has a good story which could develop into something bigger and I can't wait to see more. The episode ended in a cliffhanger, what I love. We'll see what happens next.
  • Excellent Start. This episode provides the basis on which Eight friends from grade school reconnect over sweet circumstances.

    This was an excellent episode. This episode provided a great basis for each charachter without giving too much too soon. I always wonder about what happens to the people you went to grade school with. I think this show provides and archetype charachter for everyone. I am surprised that there aren't any token Blacks, Asians or Hispanics. I noticed they were in the yearbook picture. I suppose they couldn't make it to the party. I also love how it showed how one decision (going to the party) will forever change their life. The charachters are fabulously written and the acting was superb! Two Thumbs Up!