The Class

Season 1 Episode 1

The Class Reunites (a.k.a. Pilot)

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Remarkably mediocre.

    Sitcoms are a dying breed these days, and I think that "The Class", and shows like it, are a reason why. Mostly it's just a bunch of producers trying to recreate "Friends" and not succeeding. The third grade class twist was mildly interesting, and that (and Lizzy Caplan) was why I was willing to watch this show, but for the most part it just wasn't all that funny. I mean, it wasn't terribly unfunny. I did laugh. Twice. But the jokes were usually predictable and lacking. I winced a few times too.

    Not to mention that the characters were irritating. I don't think there was a single one that really piqued my interest, and a couple of them were downright annoying, not to mention stereotypical (how many times have we done the loser living at his mother's house?).

    It seems a little odd that two romances actually began during the pilot episode, though. I mean, what about longevity? Maybe even the writers have already figured out that the lifespan of this show will most likely be minimal.

    I wanted this show to be good. I didn't expect it to, but I wanted it to. Oh well.