The Class

Season 1 Episode 18

The Class Rides a Bull

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 2007 on CBS

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  • "The toilets have saddles" and "I'm burping hooves!"

    So excited to see another episode and at the same time, I'm sad that after watching this, there is only one episode left. At this time, a second season is still uncertain. IF this show should be cancelled, I do hope they plan to DVD the season.

    After thinking about it (last weeks episode) Nicole is ready to pack her things and have them in her car before she tells Yonk she's leaving him for Duncan. Yonk comes home early (he's been in Atlanta promoting his BBQ grill) before she's had time to pack. As a thank you for all the work they boys have done on his house, he offers to take Duncan and Richie out to lunch (with Nicole). Nicole says she has "lady things" to do and cannot join them but she tells the three that they should still go ahead and they do. While she's in the middle of packing, Lina shows up to meet Richie and Nicole is forced to telling her why she's packing her things. Richie has been kept in the dark about the happenings so when he calls Lina to let her know he's going to be late, she tell him it's okay because she's helping Nicole pack. When he mentions this at the table in front of Duncan and Yonk, he has no clue it's not supposed to be mentioned. Yonk thinks she's planning to surprise him with a trip. When he makes a call to cancel his appointments in anticipation of the trip, he walks away and Duncan tells Richie not to mention packing. Richie figures out why. Nicole calls Duncan and asks him to stall Yonk because she still needs more time to pack. They stall by eating more and then by riding the bull at the steakhouse.

    Kat decides to take a major step in her relationship with Benjamin by leaving her toothbrush at his place. Later on, Benjamin takes his kid in to see Ethan for a check up. He gets an important call and leaves the room. Ethan makes a comment to his son about his toy and he lets Ethan know that daddy's girlfriend "Susan" gave it to him. Confused, he tries to clarify what the kid meant by asking him questions. He comes to the conclusion that Benjamin is cheating on Kat. He tells her and she gets upset and confronts Benjamin about it herself. He has no way to escape and admits his guilt by saying "I'm sorry". She declares the relationship over, takes her toothbrush and before she walks out on him, she tells him he'll never have a piece of her (or something to that effect)

    Very small part for Kyle in this episode. They trash talk each other (over who will kick who's a$$ in tennis) and talk about Kat and the possible attraction Ethan and Kat may have for each other.

    In the end, Duncan is on the phone with Nicole asking her if she's done packing. She tells him she is and at the same time, Yonk is getting off the mechanical bull noting he's still got it when he grabs his chest, then his arm and falls on the mat flat on his face. Episode over.

    As always, a funny episode (which I will watch yet again after I finish my review) but this time, it was a bit sad. I'd never liked David Keith before. He always had a way about him that rubbed me the wrong way but as Yonk Allen, he really won me over so I was upset not only that he was about to get his heart broken but that he had a heart attack.

    I'm looking forward to the last episode and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that TPTB will give this show another season. Maybe this show would do better on another night? It won the people's choice award for a reason and I think CBS should do what it can to save this show. CBS has already killed a number of shows that I really liked and if it wasn't for "The Class", well, I'd already have stopped watching CBS even though I love the CSIs, Criminal Minds, etc.