The Class

Season 1 Episode 18

The Class Rides a Bull

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 2007 on CBS

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  • Amazing. Really.

    Amazing. Really. I loved the whole continuity thing. I mean, last week we had the "Ethan and Kat" and the "Nicole leaving Yonk" cliffhangers. It's so nice to see continuation to that. Richie and Lina didn't really play a major part on this episode. But Richie is SO hilarious. There wasn't any line he said that didn't make me laugh. And he riding that bull was so funny! He stood like what, one second on that thing? "What was my time?" Hilarious. And Lina helping Nicole pack and trying everything on was so funny! I love Lina. Kyle played a little part, but interesting, nonetheless. Loved how he said "Duh" when Ethan started to talk about Kat and him. It was also nice to see Kyle and Ethan's friendship have been growing closer. It's nice to see Kyle being something more than just the funny gay guy.

    About Duncan/Nicole/Yonk... wow. I knew there would be something that would "screw" the whole "Nicole leaving Yonk" thing. But a heart attack... I really didn't see it coming. I love how this series joins drama and comedy, and both work SO well. I can't wait to see what will happen next week. About Ethan/Kat/Benjamin... even though the main plot of this episode was the whole thing with Duncan, Nicole and Yonk, their participation was very important and developing. I mean, I wasn't expecting Benjamin to be cheating on Kat. And Ethan finding out was so funny. That kid was cute! He was a bit nasal, but still, cute. It was also very interesting how they played the scene between Ethan and Kyle, before Ethan found out about Susan. Interesting because Ethan was showing he still thinks the idea is crazy, but when he said "It doesn't matter anyway, she's with Benjamin", it was like "Yeah, not even if I wanted to, and I don't, really, it wouldn't matter, nothing would happen", which means he has been putting a lot of thought to it. And the first scene between Kat and Ethan was already fantastic. Ethan is truly afraid of her! It was hilarious! "Are you making this about you?" "NO!!!"

    It was also nice how the things were the opposite, on this episode. Last week, Ethan was "sad" because he had jus broken up with Palmer and Kat comforted him. This episode, Ethan wanted to comfort her as well, but when he opened his arms to hug Kat, and she walked towards him and crushed his fingers instead, saying "I don't need your pity hug.", which shows how proud she is, and how she doesn't like to let her feelings show. But it was so sweet how, after she broke up with Benjamin, she ran right to Ethan's place, and he opened the door and looked at Kat almost like he was already expecting her, then she just gave in and ran to his arms, starting to cry. That was incredibly sweet, and made me go all "Aaaaaaawwww!" Also, it was a very nice thing how they make the toothbrush a big thing: when she broke up with Benjamin she took her toothbrush away, saying "You don't get any part of me.". Then in the next scene she was standing in front of Ethan's door, holding the toothbrush, then she let him hug her, still holding a toothbrush - a "part of her". It was a very nice touch.

    I think there are a lot of cliffhangers now, a lot of things to be explained. - What will happen to Richie/Lina's relationship? Will Fern eventually find out Holly isn't really Richie's girlfriend? Will she find out it's Lina? And what will she do? - What will happen to Duncan and Nicole? Will Yonk's heart attack be enough to make Nicole change her mind? And what will Yonk do when he finds out why Nicole was packing for?

    - What will happen to Kat and Ethan, now? Will they finally admit they have feelings for each other or they will keep up with the whole "I'll annoy you to no end" act? I think those are a sign there must be a second season. There has to be. This series is just great.
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