The Class

Season 1 Episode 10

The Class Runs Into A Convenience Store

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

After Lina discovering that Richie is married and telling him that she doesn't want to see him anymore, Richie spends the night driving around. Duncan who's at Nicole's calls him to find out how he is and he tells them that he left his wife but also Lina broke up with him. It's at that time that Richie notices a bee and loses control of his car and crashes into a convenience store. When the police and rescue workers arrive and ask Richie to leave the car, Richie refuses stating that he prefers to stay where he is. When they insist that he leave he locks the door. Later the media arrives and among them is Holly. The story is all over the news, Duncan and Nicole, and Kyle are watching and they don't now that it's Richie. When she learns the driver is Richie Velch and thinking that she knows him calls Kyle and Ethan is there. She asks for Richie's number and Ethan tries to get it; he first calls Kat but says that they deleted all traces of Richie. He then tries Duncan and he gets his mother who is babbling eventually she tells him Duncan's with Nicole. He calls Duncan who gives the number and Holly tells them about Richie. Ethan tells Duncan about Richie. After seeing Richie on tv they go down to the store. Ethan then calls Kat to turn on the tv and they see Richie. Later Duncan and Nicole arrive asking if they could speak to Richie, Holly asks if she could join them and they let her. Ethan and Kyle decide to go down the store too. When they get inside they get Richie to talk about Lena and that's when he proclaims how much he loves her. Their conversatuion is interrupted by the reappearance of the bee which freaks Nicole out. Eventually the police tell Richie either he comes out or they get him. Richie still refuses to go out because it means that he will have to go on without Lena. But it's at that moment that Lena shows up and Richie comes out and they embrace. Later Holly is on camera wrapping up her story when she is stung by the bee and she leaves to seek medical attention.
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