The Class

Season 1 Episode 10

The Class Runs Into A Convenience Store

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • After not bringing the cast together for the same story in the past several episodes they all come together after Richie crashes his car into a convenience store and refuses to come out so part of the gang goes in.

    I have been questioning how this show could go on with 3 fairly separate story lines; they did manage to bring them all together last night through a car crash. I admit that I find the whole premise for the show interesting but I see that they are starting to head more towards a “Friends” like relationship for all of them. I did enjoy the interaction between Ethan (Jason Ritter) and Kyle (Sean Maguire) and I hope we see that more. The giddiness that they both showed about going to the scene of the accident was very funny and true to life. I also enjoy this episode as there weren’t very many scenes with Lina (Heather Goldenhersh) and she drives me up a wall.
  • Good episode

    Now that this show has been on for a good half season, it seems to be taking off. It's becoming apparent how unhappy Richie is, and his accident due to the bee in the car was funny-but unlike the rest of the episodes, this one had a serious ending. Let's hope this series gets picked up for a second season-it seems to be moving in the right direction.
  • Yet another great episode.

    Well, I must say that the amazing thing happened. Even though everyone thought the show would go downhill, every episodes seems to surprise me (and everyone else) even more. The show is becoming better.

    Besides great character development, and the fact that we finally saw "The Class" together again after the pilot, this episode was great. It had a great combination of comedy and drama, which I love about this show.

    Kat is amazing. Let's hope she never changes. Kyle and Ethan are becoming friends. Duncan, Nicole and Richie are all great friends and will become better as soon as possible. This also may include other characters. I love the fact that they are getting together, slowly.

    The show is improving amazingly. And I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • The Class is maturing with time and aging gracefully. I hope the Class doesn’t get expelled.

    I have said it before and I will continue to say it please anyone who gave up on this show before start tuning in now you will not regret it.

    The great blend of comedy and drama is portrayed once again in this episode, multiplied by ten with the whole cast now interacting with one another.

    The phone call scene was hilarious and really shows the potential this show has to offer from now on.

    I loved FRIENDS but it is nice to see a show that has a cast of people that aren’t best friends forever.
    Sometimes having people come together who don’t like each other can make for comedy gold as this show is beginning to prove.

    The ending was so touching and Holly was a lot more interesting in this episode showing us how she would do anything to get an exclusive.

    I hope that this episode gets people buzzing for more.
  • This was probably my favorite episode of The Class so far.

    Between the long line of phone conversation, the bee, and the characters' different reactions to the woman who killed the bunny explanation of who Holly was, this was probably my favorite episode yet. I loved how all the characters got together at last. I was so sad after last episode about Richie and Lina breaking up, but then in this episode, I was so happy when they got back together. It was funny when Richie, Nicole, Duncan, and Holly were all in the car, and Holly was still reporting, and she kept putting a more intense spin on what was actually going on (i.e. Richie asking for a mint and Nicole not having one=demands not being met.)

    I also liked how Holly didn't explain right away why she wanted Richie's number, and then everyone finally figures it out and they have all these different reactions. I think it would have been funny if they had shown Fern like laughing or something while looking at a TV in the upper corner of a room at Lina's work.

    Also, I enjoyed everyone's reactions when they didn't know who Holly was, and she was always like I'm the person who killed the bunny with my show. Kat was like oh, that's awesome! And Richie was just totally appalled and shocked.

    This was just a really funny episode, and I bet there will be a lot more viewers next week.
  • Laughing and crying

    This episode was the best one in my opinion. I loved everything about it. There were two things that I liked about this episode the most.

    Richie and Lina: I knew the writers were going to get these two back together, but I did not know how or how soon. I love the writers got them back together. I loved seeing them both cry as they embraced each other. I liked how Richie expressed his love for Lina. It was so touching. As I listened to him, it was like I really believed him. The next thing I liked was Yonk and Nicolle going to accident scene to be with Richie. I also like how in talking to Richie, they were talking to one another about the love they share.
  • A fine example that this show gets better and better!

    CBS was on the money when they aired the promos to this episode saying it was the episode you couldn\'t miss. For the first time, all seven cast members had something to do----especially Holly and Kyle who I\'ve noticed have been severely underused lately. They were actually funny! It was nice to see all of them come together in the end...I cried. It was a nice happy ending. But there were so many funny moments leading up to that....
    The whole phone conversations between Holly/ Aaron/ Ethan/ Duncan/ Kat/ Tina Carmello. Priceless! Especially when Tina Carmello tells Ethan he can reach Duncan using the speed dial.
    I honestly think Holly stole the show in this episode and I never really cared for her character up until this episode. Her eagerness to milk something out of the car accident was hilarious. Things got even better when she was in the car acting like there was something seriously wrong. The bee that started it all....finally gets killed in the end by Holly who turns out to be allergic.