The Class

Season 1 Episode 10

The Class Runs Into A Convenience Store

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: In the end, when Lina comes to the store and Richie hugs her, she is wearing the same hat she wore in the first episode when they met, The Class Reunites.

    • TRIVIA: Lina is seen holding the trumpet Richie gave her in episode six, The Class Goes Trick or Treating.

    • TRIVIA: The car that Richie is driving is not the same one that was used in the first episode. This episode he drives a newer Ford Taurus. In the first episode, he was driving an older Mitsubishi Eclipse.

    • GOOF: In the end of the episode when Richie finally gets out of the car to meet Lina, you see Ethan attempting to put his arm around Kat's shoulders, after that, when the camera goes up you can clearly see that they are not in the same positions they were before. Ethan is now in the right and Kat in the center.

  • Quotes

    • (While Nicole is holding a pile of very tangled Christmas lights.)
      Duncan: You want a hand with that?
      Nicole: Yeah, sure.
      (Duncan spends a few moments staring at the lights and turning them around slowly, obviously puzzled.)
      Nicole: Or I could just do it.
      Duncan: Good enough.

    • Kyle (after he and Ethan see that Richie has run his car into a store): Hey, you wanna go down there?
      Ethan: Why would we?
      Kyle: 'Cause...a car crashed into a store, which is kind of cool, and we know the guy in it, which is really cool...are you judging me?
      Ethan: I'm getting my coat!

    • Duncan: Hello
      Ethan: (on phone) Duncan! Hi. This is Ethan Haas.
      Duncan: Hey man! (to Nicole) Nicole, it's Ethan Haas.
      Nicole: (at the Christmas lights) Son of a bi***!
      Ethan: (on phone) Did she just called me a son of a bi***?!
      Holly: (on phone) Did he just called me a bi***?!

    • Kat: (angry) You tell that news chick that we don't have his number anymore because we burnt all evidence of that lying scumbag bastard. (happy) We still on for brunch tomorrow?
      Ethan: Yup.
      Kat: Oki Doki.

    • Ethan: Ah... I don't know. I guess she met Richie at my party and now she wants to get together or something. You know a lot of nice connections were made that night.
      Kat: Oh yeah absolutely. If it hadn't been for your party then my sister wouldn't have met the man who broke her heart and crushed her feet.
      Ethan: Yeah it wasn't a win-win for everybody!

    • Holly: I'm sorry, sorry, um... do you have a middle name?
      Richie: What?
      Holly: It's just better if you have a middle name, you know, like Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, John Wilkes Booth, you know.
      Richie: They all killed people! I'm just a very bad driver.

    • Duncan: Hey check it out! Free cupcakes!
      Nichole: Yeah, there's like forty cops, rob the convenience store.

    • Holly: (slaps self) Oww! (then) For those who wondered what became of the bee--another mystery solved. As I am allergic to it, I will need to go to the hospital. This is Holly Ellenbogen, beginning to swell, News 9. (runs off)

    • Kyle: You get TV on your phone? When would you need that?
      Ethan: Um... now?
      Kyle: Kind of walked into that.

    • Richie: (after being asked his middle name) Britney.
      Duncan: Britney, huh?
      Richie: It was my mother's maiden name.
      Nicole: How have you not killed people?

    • Scott: Hey, if something goes wrong in there, it's my ass on the line.
      Duncan: Nothing's gonna go wrong. Come on, Scott, what do you say? For old times' sake.
      Scott: I'm sorry, there are rules.
      Nicole: I can get you Eagles tickets, 50 yard line, and Yonk Allen will sign any article of clothing you want.
      Scott: Watch where you step, it's a mess in there.

    • Scott: That's Richie Sandwichpants?

    • Lina: (after seeing Richie on the news in his car in the convenience store) There's Richie!
      Kat: When will they take his license away?

    • (phone rings)
      Kat: Hey.
      Ethan: Turn on the TV.
      Kat: Is this that stupid Animal Planet thing again? I do not care about the meerkats.

    • Kyle: She's the one who killed the bunny with her shoe.
      Ethan: Really? She killed a bunny with her shoe?
      Kat: Oh, her? I like her!

    • Kat: (after Ethan asks for Richie's cell phone number) You're going to call him? After what he did to her?
      Ethan: No, it's not for me. It's for Holly Ellenbogen.
      Kat: Who?
      Ethan: She went to school with us. She's on the news. No?
      Kyle: (to Holly, on the phone) Oh, she doesn't know who you are.
      Holly: Tell her I'm the one who killed the bunny with my shoe.

    • Tina: You can call his cell. It's speed dial two.
      Ethan: And if I'm using my phone?
      Tina: Oh!

    • Kat: (After telling Lina that Richie probably isn't dwelling over their breakup) I bet he's running over some new girl right now.

    • (After realizing Kyle is gay)
      Ethan: So Aaron is--
      Kyle: Also gay.
      Ethan: Well, I assume. Otherwise, that is one bad relationship. (then, glancing over at his own behind) Hey, what are you doing there?

    • Richie: (noticing the bee after the crash) How did you not die?!

    • Duncan: Why don't you just toss those and buy some new ones?
      Nicole: (still untangling the lights) These have sentimental value. (then, tugging the lights) Piece of crap!

    • Duncan: (to Richie) You gotta relax. It's just a bee in the car.
      Nicole: (overhearing) There's a bee in the car?! I would die.

    • Richie: You see, lately, my life has been one horrible thing after another and I know whatever I do next is only going to make it worse. So... I'm just not going to do anything. (then) But, please, tell everyone "great rescue!"

    • Duncan: Hey.
      Nicole: Hey.
      Duncan: Whatcha doing?
      Nicole: (holding up tangled Christmas lights) Oh, my mom sent me all our old Christmas stuff, so I figure I should have it untangled by New Years.

    • Richie: I'm okay. (air bag blows up in face) Seriously, now!

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Canada: November 27, 2006 on CTV
      Latin America: February 09, 2007 on Warner Channel

  • Allusions

    • Kat: Is this that Animal Planet thing again? I do not care about the stupid meerkats!

      Kat references Meerkat Manor when prompted by Ethan to turn on her television.

    • Holly: It's just better if you have a middle name, you know like Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, John Wilkes Booth. You know.

      James Earl Ray confessed to assassinating Martin Luther King Jr., he later recanted, but could not present hard evidence of his innocence. He spent the rest of his life in prison, and died at the age of seventy of cirrhosis.

      Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Oswald denied that he was guilty. Two days later, he was killed on live television by Jack Ruby, while he was in police custody.

      John Wilkes Booth is infamous for assassinating President Abraham Lincoln. Soldiers caught up with Booth and he was shot in the neck. His last words were, "Tell my mother I died for my country... useless... useless..."

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