The Class

Season 1 Episode 12

The Class Visits a Bad Neighborhood

Aired Unknown Jan 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Palmer and Kat, Kyle is a "buffer", and "Oh, a gun! You must be Fern"

    I was so happy that there was finally a new episode. Not that I didn't watch the re-runs (I did) but a new episode after a few weeks was refreshing.

    This show continues to make me laugh my a$$ off! I don't get why there is no support of this show other than us fans who tune in to watch it faithfully every week. Is it a perfect show? No, it's not but I'm not looking for perfection. I want to be able to sit down in front of my TV for 30 minutes and laugh until my sides hurt. I tape these shows and I watch them over and over again. I laugh just as hard the 30th time as I do the first time I watch it.

    I am going to be glued to my TV tomorrow night with my fingers crossed hoping that "The Class" wins the people's choice award for best new comedy. I'm really upset that they are cutting this season short but at least they didn't cancel it after a few episodes. I can't forgive CBS for cancelling 3 lbs (that's for another forum...sorry).

    Every actor on this show whether a major or minor character is wonderful and likeable in their own way. I imagine it must be hard to have a show with 8 major characters and at least 4 minor characters and have them all compliment each other as well as they do. Then you have the actors that come in and do an episode or two which are equally as good as the rest of the regular cast. I can't say good enough things about this show. I really haven't watched a good sitcom like this (ok, maybe King of Queens but again, that's for a different forum and alas, this is their last season anyway) since Seinfeld.

    From the story of Palmer letting Kat know she had a crush on her in school to Richie being afraid to return to his apartment to get his clothes, this episode was, as Palmer would say "AWESOME!"