The Class

Season 1 Episode 12

The Class Visits a Bad Neighborhood

Aired Unknown Jan 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • One of the best episodes so far! But with a cruel ending.

    This is by far the most exciting episode of The Class yet. Between death threats and threesomes you'll love this episode so much.

    I really loved the Richie storyline. Richie goes to get his stuff from his and Fern's (His ex-wife) old apartment. When Nicole accidentilly lets slip that Richie has got a new girlfriend Fern pulls a gun at Richie, threatening to shoot if he doesn't say who it is. Richie say Holly Ellenbogen (My favorite character) is his girlfriend, when actually it is Lina. Richie actually can't remember Holly from School, the Reunion Party or The convience store inciedent.
    At the end Fern calls Holly giving her death threats and Holly doesn't know what she is going on about so she just thinks nothing of it.

    It the other storyline with Ethan, Kat and Kyle, Ethan's new girlfriend Palmer tells Kat she used to have feelings for her. Then, there is a HILARIOUS coversation between Ethan and Kat discussing a threesome, Ethan thinking Him, Kat and Palmer and Kat thinking Kyle, Her and Ethan. The conversation is a must see, it is so funny.

    Overall, an exellent episode, but with an upsetting end, lets just hpe Holly doesn't get killed off.