The Class

Season 1 Episode 12

The Class Visits a Bad Neighborhood

Aired Unknown Jan 08, 2007 on CBS

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    I'm addicted to this show. It just seems to get better and better every episode.
    Things actually go forward, and that's great for the show's development. Richie/Lina: So good to see them back together. They're so cute. Fern: Oh dear God, the woman is scary. She calling Holly later to threaten her was so funny!!! I loved when she had her thumb caught on the gun and Richie, Nicole and Duncan walked out, then Richie insisted in coming back and when he walked in again she had this devil smile on her face, pointed the gun to him and said "Fixed it!" Nicole/Duncan: No big plot for them on this episode, but it was so funny how they're so alike. When Fern was in there with Richie, holding a gun, Nicole and Duncan arrived separately, but their reaction was practically the same. "Oh! A gun! You must be Fern!"
    Even the tone of voice was the same. It was a nice touch. Kat/Ethan: The highlight of the episode. The whole story with Palmer is hilarious. Oh my God, I laughed the entire time! When Palmer was hitting her, Kat's face was like WTF??? Also, I love to see how they've been playing things between Ethan and Kat. I mean, the chemisty is obvious and it's right there. And Ethan's expression when Kat said a threesome wasn't out of the question was priceless. Also, it was so good to see Kat teasing Ethan about the threesome, and he was like "OMG, are you serious?"
    It's also very nice how they show how annoyed Kat is when she sees Ethan and Palmer together, it's another nice touch.

    I loved this episode, it was so hilarious. It always is.
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