The Class

Season 1 Episode 2

The Class Visits a Hospital

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Kat rushing into the hospital looking for information on her sister. The nurse tells her she needs "patient information" and directs her to another area in another building. Kat tells her that her sister has had an emergency and that she is in the emergency room and how could she (the nurse) not know what that was. The nurse explains that she didn't say that she didn't know. She said only patient information can give information regarding a patient. Kat confirms with the nurse that she does have the information but she can't give it to her because, "for information on a patient you need to go to patient information". The phone rings and the nurse picks up and answers "Patient information!" Ethan enters and Kat tells him she hates the nurse and he offers to talk to her. Kat tells Ethan that if the nurse won't talk to her, she won't talk to him. He proceeds to tell the nurse he is Dr. Haas and says he wants to see Lina Warbler's charts, for her to page him as soon as she is out of surgery and he wants to speak to the admitting physician "now". The nurse tries to talk back and Ethan interrupts her with a firm and loud "now!" and the nurse obliges. Kat is surprised and asks if he's a doctor which Ethan asks if she's even listened to anything he has said to her. Richie is already in the waiting room and explains he was the one who went out with her for coffee and tells them that a car backed into her. He admits to Kat and Ethan that he was the one who ran her over. Kat is ready to kill him.

Duncan shows up at Nicole's door with the note she left him. She tells him she was afraid she wouldn't leave if she had woken him up. She tells Duncan she can't do it anymore because she's married. He pulls out a bra from his pocket and tells her she left it at his house and she tells him it's not hers. Duncan tells her that last night was like a second chance and she tells him it was an incredible night and she tells him she wants to make it work and he has to go. Duncan tells Nicole he worked on the house and that it is not well built.

Ethan tells Kat and Richie that the attending physician says Lina will be fine "eventually" and explains that all the bone in both her feet were broken.

Holly explains to Oprah that she and Perry are going to have some friends over for brunch and asks her to be on her best behavior. Oprah asks why and Perry explains that their friend works at the school they want to get her into and they are hoping he can help them get her in.

Back at the hospital, Ethan tells Kat they can see her in an hour after she spends time in recovery. Ethan tries to make conversation with Richie by telling him he ran over a squirrel before and that he can only imagine how he felt. Richie asks Ethan if he and his squirrel went on a date first…if he kissed it good night…if he connected with the squirrel in a way he never connected with a squirrel before? Ethan says he'd just seen it around the neighborhood.

Kyle and Aaron have brunch at Perry and Holly's home. Holly asks Aaron what he does and he clearly replies (with a Latin accent) that he is a software engineer for an internet security company (twice) and Holly can't understand him. Perry tells her what he said and then asks how he got that…flamboyantly, Perry says to Holly, she just has to watch is lips. Aaron excuses himself and leaves. Holly brings up to Kyle that she hears that he teaches first grade at Pemberton Academy and asks if there is any way he can help them get Oprah in there. Kyle replies that Oprah can pretty much go wherever she wants because, "she's Oprah". They correct him and let him know that their daughter is Oprah. When Kyle questions this, Holly points to Perry and he flings his arms in the air and says, "I'm a fan!"

Duncan tells Nicole what the problems are in her house. They stare at each other and Nicole tells him that she was hoping the night before wouldn't be as great as she remembered it. She says they can still be friends but Duncan says no. He said being with her but not being able to be with her would kill him and he decides to leave. He walks out and plants a big kiss on her before he leaves.

Holly tells Kyle that she and Kyle cleaning up after a party was her fantasy and then asks him about how she walked in on him and Michael Bernstien on their prom night. He says that that night was the first time he did anyting and he didn't even know he was gay. Holly asks him if he was sure because they both looked pretty gay to her.

Yonk arrives home unexpectedly and he tells Nicole he felt bad about the talk they had in the car the day before about how she was the most important thing in his life after the Super Bowl, dinner at the White House, and "all that other stuff" He said he was talking crazy because she is "right there…after the Super Bowl" It seems like she is ready to tell him about Duncan but decides instead to tell him the house is not well built.

Kat takes Lina's hand and she tells Ethan Lina was born six minutes after her and as her big sister she is supposed to make sure nothing happens to her. Richie walks in looking to talk to Lina. Kat takes him out of the room and tells him there is no way she will see him again after what happened. She tells him it's over and tells him that if he wants to do something for her he should go away. He asks her to tell Lina he is sorry. When Kat walks back into the room, Lina is up and she tells Kat she just met the nicest guy.

Holly asks Kyle how it happened between him and Michael after Kyle tells her he hardly knew Michael. He says they were at the party, they were drinking, they said hello and then it happened. Kyle tells Holly she was the last person he wanted to hurt. They hug and she tells him she hated him.

The phone rings at Duncan's house and his mother answers…it's Nicole. With Yonk standing next to her, she explains about how they spoke at the party about the structural problems and that her husband was wondering if he could come over and give them an estimate on how much it would cost to fix everything. Duncan figures out he's standing there and accepts the offer.

Richie downs some pills and then his phone rings. He picks it up to hear Kat on the other end telling him that Lina wants to see him.
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