The Class

Season 1 Episode 2

The Class Visits a Hospital

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • After a decent pilot, the show continues on the same pace... but that\'s not a good thing.

    I tried to like this show. I really did. But there\'s nothing to like about it. There is nothing to keep me watching (though I\'ll probably stick around for three or four more episodes... just in case)

    This is isn\'t much different than great sitcoms like Cheers, Friends, Will and Grace, and Seinfeld. The writing is decent (face it... even Seinfeld had it\'s dull episodes). The characters are likeable, but those great sitcoms had something that this show does not: a likeable cast playing these likeable characters.

    I don\'t care about one single character. Jason Ritter is flat at terrible. His character has great potential and Ritter does nothing with it. Jesse Tyler Fergusan\'s Richie needed only 5 minutes of episode two to go from quirky and enjoyable (in the pilot) to just plain annoying. Kat (Lizzy Caplan) wasn\'t given the same sarcasm as she was in the first episode. She\'s more mean and spiteful. The rest of the cast was useless in this episode. Actually, not every single person: Lucy Punch had her moments.

    Some things that bugged me:

    Ethan\'s party was a disaster... we get it... is this show about the class or the party the class went to?

    The laugh track is more obnoxious than most shows. Most sitcoms use the laugh track to help encourage the home audience to laugh. This show demands that we laugh.

    Trim the cast! We don\'t need Duncan\'s Mom or Nicole\'s husband or Holly\'s husband. Hopefully we\'ll be seeing less of them but they\'re forcing these characters in the show.

    No more two by two crap. Let the entire group interract.

    Here\'s to hoping number three is better.
  • Change is required if this sitcom wants to step up and deliver its promise.

    I personally liked the pilot episode of The Class and felt it had real potential - the premise wasn't as clichéd as it could've been, and some of the characters were really awesome; the quirky Lena, the suicidal Richie and goody-two-shoes Ethan had my sympathies immediately.

    They say you can't judge a show by its pilot, and I agree 100% so despite the problems I saw with the pilot (Holly's gay husband joke ran out of steam faster than you could say "flamboyant", also there was the issue of how to bring the characters together even after the party), I decided to give this second a go. My expectations may not have been low, but they weren't exactly high either, and the second episode just didn't deliver.

    I didn't like the Duncan-Nicole storyline in the pilot, and thought it was odd they ended up together so fast - was anyone in the audience feeling the love? Doubt it, just too fast. So it was no surprise that their scenes were hopelessly boring in this episode. Lena and Richie on the other hand were cute, and would've continued to be cute, had they had screentime together. Lizzy Caplan as Kat was mostly just annoying - her character seems too repetitive with the "I'm such a cold, sarcastic rock girl"-act. I did enjoy the fun she poked at Ethan for his party but the joke was repeated way too many times.

    Speaking of repeated jokes, the Oprah joke from the pilot made me cringe. Overall the scenes with Holly and Kyle were mostly just painful to watch, the terribly forced comedy.

    The fact that the characters are connected seemingly only by the 3rd grade factor is a bit tedious - it makes the show and its constant juggle between the different groups of people seem scattered and random. It just doesn't make a tight, funny sitcom, in other words.

    But unfortunately I've lost my heart to the three characters I mentioned liking earlier. So maybe you can judge a show by its second episode, but I still have some hope for this one, no matter how little this episode excited me or entertained me. And if the next episode is a bummer like this one, I'll have to say goodbye to The Class and find a new sitcom to follow this TV season.
  • With all of the good stuff this fall, why watch this!

    When I roasted the pilot, I was told to wait, the show would get better. I suppose those same people will tell me to wait again.

    I'm still waiting for the laughs, or even a situation that I would find funny enough to be funny. If anyone thinks that the ending where suiside boy swollows pills and then gets a call that the girl he ran over wants him was funny, or a timing classic, please write me, I have a bridge I would like to sell you!

    I found this show lacking in humor, pacing, and good writing. But I know, wait till next week it will get better! NOT!!!
  • It was okay...

    So, episode two of The Class has come and gone. It's on before Corner Gas in Canada, which gives it the lead-in audience here, but I don't know what it's got in the States, if anything, and it may soon die an early and unnatural death.

    This episode was okay, but really not all that funny. It was predictable. The angry sister caring for her younger twin and sending the guy who hit her with his car away. He takes pills, then she calls... the sister wants to see him again! Yup... saw that coming. The woman who's married to a man who seems to be obviously not straight (I don't think I can say the other word here), and his jokes about how could she ~not~ know that her high school boyfried was not straight? Yup, saw that one too. The "jokes" about her not understanding the mild latin-american/spanish type accent of the classmate's boyfriend were just uncomfortable.

    In fact, as I'm writing this, I think I'll give it a lower score than I originally started out with. It was worse than I thought. I expect it will die that early death SOON.
  • What happens next?

    So, after an average pilot, the second episode brings us the continuation of the previous episode.

    The stories start developing, although not too much. They probably don't want to give too much too fast. I liked the scene with Kat talking to the nurse about patients. Ethan was pretty much useless in this episode. Richie too, but I liked the ending. We'll see what happens next.

    The entire Holly/Perry/Kyle/Aaron story is interesting too. And funny. But the best part was the Nicole/Duncan story. Although it wasn't too fast, it's good to see some drama too.

    To sum up this short text, this episode was OK. It was OK, average. The only thing I can say is that I can't wait for the next episode. We'll see how the show will develop. It's slow, but it's still good. For now.
  • Broken feet....patient information....Welcome to Fantasy Island and being almost as important as the Super Bowl.

    Kat's exchange with the nurse was hilarious and true to life. Although I saw episode 3 before this one and I know Richie and Lena got together again even after the accident, had I seen this one first, I'd had been surprised as well that Lina had no ill feelings toward Richie.

    Ethan and Kat are great foils for each other; I hope there is more of them in future episodes. They could actually carry the show.

    The pairing of Perry and Holly is great. Sam Harris is wonderful. I love watching him go thru his flamboyant mannersims which scream he is as gay as Kyle and Aaron but nobody seems to notice this.

    And, then you have Duncan and Nicole. So cute together. You can see he really loves her and she needs him. Enter the husband and he says a few words to her and she wants to try and make it work.

    Good episode, it made me laugh. A great cast!
  • Still Great!

    Richie is hilarious. Kat is also very hilarious. This episode rocked! It was so funny. I love "The Class"!