The Class

Season 1 Episode 2

The Class Visits a Hospital

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • After a decent pilot, the show continues on the same pace... but that\'s not a good thing.

    I tried to like this show. I really did. But there\'s nothing to like about it. There is nothing to keep me watching (though I\'ll probably stick around for three or four more episodes... just in case)

    This is isn\'t much different than great sitcoms like Cheers, Friends, Will and Grace, and Seinfeld. The writing is decent (face it... even Seinfeld had it\'s dull episodes). The characters are likeable, but those great sitcoms had something that this show does not: a likeable cast playing these likeable characters.

    I don\'t care about one single character. Jason Ritter is flat at terrible. His character has great potential and Ritter does nothing with it. Jesse Tyler Fergusan\'s Richie needed only 5 minutes of episode two to go from quirky and enjoyable (in the pilot) to just plain annoying. Kat (Lizzy Caplan) wasn\'t given the same sarcasm as she was in the first episode. She\'s more mean and spiteful. The rest of the cast was useless in this episode. Actually, not every single person: Lucy Punch had her moments.

    Some things that bugged me:

    Ethan\'s party was a disaster... we get it... is this show about the class or the party the class went to?

    The laugh track is more obnoxious than most shows. Most sitcoms use the laugh track to help encourage the home audience to laugh. This show demands that we laugh.

    Trim the cast! We don\'t need Duncan\'s Mom or Nicole\'s husband or Holly\'s husband. Hopefully we\'ll be seeing less of them but they\'re forcing these characters in the show.

    No more two by two crap. Let the entire group interract.

    Here\'s to hoping number three is better.