The Class

Season 1 Episode 2

The Class Visits a Hospital

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Change is required if this sitcom wants to step up and deliver its promise.

    I personally liked the pilot episode of The Class and felt it had real potential - the premise wasn't as clichéd as it could've been, and some of the characters were really awesome; the quirky Lena, the suicidal Richie and goody-two-shoes Ethan had my sympathies immediately.

    They say you can't judge a show by its pilot, and I agree 100% so despite the problems I saw with the pilot (Holly's gay husband joke ran out of steam faster than you could say "flamboyant", also there was the issue of how to bring the characters together even after the party), I decided to give this second a go. My expectations may not have been low, but they weren't exactly high either, and the second episode just didn't deliver.

    I didn't like the Duncan-Nicole storyline in the pilot, and thought it was odd they ended up together so fast - was anyone in the audience feeling the love? Doubt it, just too fast. So it was no surprise that their scenes were hopelessly boring in this episode. Lena and Richie on the other hand were cute, and would've continued to be cute, had they had screentime together. Lizzy Caplan as Kat was mostly just annoying - her character seems too repetitive with the "I'm such a cold, sarcastic rock girl"-act. I did enjoy the fun she poked at Ethan for his party but the joke was repeated way too many times.

    Speaking of repeated jokes, the Oprah joke from the pilot made me cringe. Overall the scenes with Holly and Kyle were mostly just painful to watch, the terribly forced comedy.

    The fact that the characters are connected seemingly only by the 3rd grade factor is a bit tedious - it makes the show and its constant juggle between the different groups of people seem scattered and random. It just doesn't make a tight, funny sitcom, in other words.

    But unfortunately I've lost my heart to the three characters I mentioned liking earlier. So maybe you can judge a show by its second episode, but I still have some hope for this one, no matter how little this episode excited me or entertained me. And if the next episode is a bummer like this one, I'll have to say goodbye to The Class and find a new sitcom to follow this TV season.