The Class

Season 1 Episode 2

The Class Visits a Hospital

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: Jason Ritter's character Ethan Haas shows significant change from the previous episode which takes place during the same night. His hair has grown tremendously from the first episode. This is mostly because the pilot was shot months before this episode.

    • TRIVIA: Kat notes that her sister Lina was born 6 minutes after her, which makes Lina the younger twin sister.

    • TRIVIA: First episode to feature the Previously On segment.

  • Quotes

    • Perry: (chuckling) I just can't believe you didn't know he was gay.
      Holly: I guess I was naive. But when you're in love, you don't see these things.
      Perry: Even so. It's right there in front of your face. (flamboyantly) Hello!

    • Kat: (To Richie) Dude! You ran her over! There are no second dates after that! There's no "Oh, no, no it's okay, I've got my friend's car this time, it's lighter!"

    • Yonk: You asked me if you were the best thing that ever happened to me and I said you came after the Super Bowl and dinner at the White House and all that other stuff. Well, that was just all pure T bull!
      Nicole: Yeah?
      Yonk: I was talking crazy. You are right there... after the Super Bowl.

    • Kyle: I-I wasn't even sure I was gay.
      Holly: Really? (short pause) 'Cause you both looked pretty gay to me!

    • Kat: Well, I'm going to go get some coffee. Do you want some?
      Ethan: Sure.
      Richie: I wouldn't mind--
      Kat: Are you kidding me?!

    • Holly: Mmm... mmm... mmm... mmm... what smells so good?
      Perry: My streusel coffee cake?
      Holly: No.
      Perry: Parmesean twist?
      Holly: No, it's sort of lemony.
      Perry: Oh, that's me! (Holly moves closer to smell him)

    • (Duncan and Nicole arrive at her and Yonk's house)
      Duncan: I have been here before!
      Nicole: What?
      Duncan: Yeah, I did a bunch of the drywall in this place!
      Nicole: You're kidding?!
      Duncan: Nah, it was like one of my first jobs ever!
      Nicole: That is so wild!
      Duncan: Yeah! This place is not well built!

    • Nicole: Yeah, I'm gonna burn in hell. I can't do this. I'm married... to a man I love a good percentage of the time. We took vows... in a church. I wear his ri- (She looks at her hand an notices her ring is missing) Oh my God! Where's my ring?
      Duncan: No no... it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. Found it under the bed... along with this... (he pulls out a pair of purple bra from his jacket)
      Nicole: That by the way... not mine.
      Duncan: (He hands the bra to her) Did you want 'em?
      Nicole: No! (Duncan puts the bra back in his jacket pocket)

    • (After Richie admits he ran over Lina)
      Kat: You ran over my sister?!
      Ethan: Look, was obviously an accident. Ok?
      Kat: You're right, you're right, you're right. It's not his fault at all. No, I mean, if only they could put a reflective surface inside the car so you could see what's behind you!

    • Kyle: You named your daughter Oprah?
      Holly: Oh... (points to Perry)
      Perry: I'm a fan!

    • (Holly, Perry, Kyle and Aaron are having dinner)
      Holly: So, Aaron, what do you do?
      Aaron: (mumbles a bit) Well, I'm a software engineer for an internet security company.
      Holly: Sorry?
      Aaron: I'm a software engineer for an internet security company.
      Holly: One more time.
      Perry: He's a software engineer for an internet security company.
      Holly: Oh, really? (to Perry) You got that?
      Perry: You just have to watch his lips.

    • Ethan: All of the bones in both her feet were broken.
      Richie: All the bones?
      Ethan: Actually, there was one that didn't break.
      Richie: So, one of her bones was OK?
      Ethan: Yeah, but turns out they had to break it to set the other ones.
      Richie: But for a little while it was OK?

    • Nicole: I'm married to a man I love---a good percentage of my time.

    • Nicole: I should have waited for you to wake up, I know. But I was just afraid that if I did, I would never leave.
      Duncan: Nah, you would have left as soon as my mom started rolling around on her exercise ball.

    • Nurse: Ma'am, I didn't say I didn't know. But don't be patient. Information can give you information regarding a patient.
      Kat: So you have the information?
      Nurse: I do.
      Kat: But you can't give me the information?
      Nurse: Right. For information about the patient you need to go to patient information. (the phone rigs, she answers) Patient information?

    • Duncan: A note.
      Nicole: I'm sorry.
      Duncan: I wake up. You're gone. And you just left a note.
      Nicole: It was polite!
      Duncan: And it's on my mom's pad. So, one of the greatest nights of my entire life ends with A Doodle from the Noodle of Tina Carmello.

    • Richie: I'm the one who went out for coffee with your sister.
      Kat: Oh my God. What happened?
      Richie: Well, she was walking... Through the parking lot. And evidently, a car backed into her and kinda ran over her.
      Kat: What?
      Ethan: Did you see it happen?
      Richie: I did not.
      Ethan: Do they know who did it?
      Richie: Yes. It was a large hispanic wo... It was ME!

    • Kat: Wow, you're a doctor?
      Ethan: Do you listen to anything I say?

    • Kyle: Look, you have to know, you were the last person in the world that I ever wanted to hurt.
      Holly: So what happened? Was everyone else unavailable that night?

    • Kat: (about Lina) She was born six minutes after me, so I'm her big sister you know. I'm supposed to make sure that bad stuff doesn't happen to her.
      Ethan: This probably doesn't help but it could have been so much worse.
      Kat: No. No. See, I can't go there. I can't let myself imagine anything worse than this... Well, maybe one thing.
      Ethan: Are you gonna say my party again?
      Kat: I was, yeah.

    • (At the hospital)
      Kat: What a horrible night.
      Ethan: She'll be okay.
      Kat: No, I meant your party.

    • Richie: (about Lina) I am so sorry.
      Kat: (angry) I am gonna kill you!
      Richie: I am way ahead of you on that.

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Canada: September 25, 2006 on CTV
      Latin America: November 17, 2006 on Warner Channel

  • Allusions

    • Perry: Say it one more time!
      Aaron: Welcome to Fantasy Island.

      This is a reference to a popular science-fiction series Fantasy Island, which ran for 7 years on ABC.

    • Kyle: I think Oprah could go pretty much wherever she wants. She's Oprah.
      Kyle mistakes Perry and Holly's daughter Oprah for the famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey, one of the most richest women ever.