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A&E (ended 2009)

Season One Mini-Marathons

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    A&E is rerunning the parts of the first season for anyone who'd like to refresh themselves before the season two premiere. It looks as though they'll also be running another one on the 15th, but there are no listings yet. All times are eastern/pacific cable, please check your local listings if you're in another time zone or on a satellite feed:

    June 12, 2009 (Friday)

    8 am "Pilot"
    9 am "Rag Dolls"
    10 am "Rebecca"
    11 am "Lie With Me"
    2 pm "Pilot"
    3 pm "Rag Dolls"
    4 pm "Rebecca"
    5 pm "Lie With Me"

    June 13, 2009 (Saturday)

    1 pm "Meet the Joneses"
    2 pm "Here Comes the Boom"
    3 pm "The Eleventh Hour"
    4 pm "Lie With Me"
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