The Cleaner

Season 1 Episode 7

House of Pain

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 02, 2008 on A&E
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A principal asks for Banks' assistance with a student whose father is refusing all help or to acknowledge the problem, and William takes extreme measures to capture both their attention before it's too late. Meanwhile, Ben is still battling with William and refusing to come home.

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      • William: People like to say they'd take a bullet for someone, but the truth is our instincts won't allow it. It goes against our very nature. That is, until you have a child. On the day your kid is born, you understand. You'll go against your own instincts in a second, only because you… you understand that your need to protect that child is much stronger than your own need to survive.

      • William: Anybody read the paper?
        Arnie: Yeah, me, every morning. Horoscopes, Pisces, mystic of the water signs.
        Darnell: Sagittarius. Supposed to get along real well with Pisces types, man.
        Arnie: Hey, what about you, Akani?
        Akani: Scorpio. Hate everyone.
        Arnie: And everyone hates you.

      • (William throws Melissa's cellphone against the wall after having a fight with Ben.)
        Melissa: William!
        William: Come on! We raised him, we fed him, we took care of him, and now he wants to live with my father?
        Melissa: I'm sorry, we?
        William: I don't need that kind of disrespect every time I talk to him.
        Melissa: All you can think about is how he's disrespecting you. You ever think for one second, just one, that you might be disrespecting him?

      • (Darnell and Arnie walk into a tense atmosphere between Akani and William at the shop.)
        Arnie: Oh, see? I hate it when mom and dad are fighting.

      • William: (speaking to God in his head at a high school memorial) How many times have I seen this? More to the point, how many times have you? I can't imagine what's it's like to have the power to move mountains… and yet, you have to stand by and watch this. I get that everything happens for a reason. And I get the mysterious ways in which you move. But I wonder if moments like this cause even you to doubt. To question… us. I used to wish I had your vision, the ability to see the big picture. But then to see things like this… I wouldn't want it. This deal we made – I made, sometimes I think I understand it. And what's next? Another lost innocent. Another death. Another funeral? Yeah, sometimes I understand it. And sometimes…

    • NOTES (4)

      • Original International Air Dates:
        Czech Republic – February 15, 2009 on AXN

      • Although credited, Liliana Mumy (Lula Banks) did not appear in this episode.

      • Continuing this series' tradition of credits typos, Hector Atreyu Ruiz was billed as Hector Atreyo Ruiz, and Jennifer Seifert as Jennifer Siefert.

      • Featured Music:
        "Walk You Home" by Karmina (acoustic version performed at the memorial)
        "See Through Me" by Isaac Alexander (Akani challenges William about the trip to San Francisco)
        "More Lazers" by edIT (Tom searches Brian's room)
        "Hi-Lo and Inbetween" by One eskimO (closing scenes)

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