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  • Back for Round 2

    This series was able to keep me on track and clean when rehab, jail and will power wasn't enough. I couldn't believe they cancelled it. The other shows like intervention cant hold a candle to the cleaner, and well, I've relapsed and am ready to turn things around again and get my life back on track. I'm buying both season sets to be my own intervention and recovery toolbox. I wish they'd see this series is a miracle worker and should have never been cancelled!!! Benjamin Bratt could easily get me to walk through fire for him anyways lol I'm eagerly looking forward to cleaning up my act and hopefully for good this time
  • Turns despair into hope. Bottomline, this show saved my life. I was far closer to slipping than I realized when I first came across this show online. I applaud A&E for something so raw and real. Great storylines, deep characters, & potent music tracks.

    "The Cleaner" very well may have saved my life. Bottomline, I was far closer to slipping than I realized when I came across this show online. It never falls short of demonstrating how HOPE can spring forth from the deepest darkest core of utter DESPAIR. The storylines of each episode, the connection between characters, and depth of each character's story continue to grow. The music chosen for this show brings the key impact to moments of revelation, joy, pain, loss and victory.

    The *TRUTH* can be uncomfortable, and it may not be welcomed by many individuals in this quick fix, action-oriented generation - until the individual needs to hear it. I believe this TV show must serve such a role in a variety of ways for its audience. The words spoken by William Banks when he is either speaking to God, to an addict, or in monologue, have a truth (at least for me, personally) that strikes at the deepest core of the soul. It brings a life-saving message that may not be easy to swallow, but I believe it serves as an outreach and a support for those on this road, whether facing addiction personally or through a loved one. Every person has the potential to descend into this deep dark place of despair in his or her own way. It brings home the quote, "There but for the Grace of God."

    I am personally grateful, and I applaud every person who is behind the making of "The Cleaner." I look forward to each episode, and I hope A&E keeps this show running for many future seasons.
  • bring it back

    I thought that show was great cause it show how they got people off of drugs with out going to rehab.

  • Great show this vehicle for Benjamin Bratt to come back to tv was tailor made for him.

    Great show this vehicle for Benjamin Bratt to come back to tv was tailor made for him. He was perfect as the flawed William Banks who put his family and himself though hell thanks to drug addiction just to come out help others and lose his family again. The up and downs of this flawed hero we're thrilling to watch and the show was blessed with a great supporting cast. Showing what faith and human potential once someone decides they want to do better can do. This show walked the fine line between religion that is so popular to hate and appealing to the grit and determination of the common man. Great show what in the world A&E has that it thinks it can just cut a good show like this is beyond me.
  • This is a amazing show. Hope it comes back on soon. For people in recovery, it will give them a ray of hope for themselves and their families. But also gives them a taste of reality from all walks of life.

    Bring it on back on real soon. Love the actors and all the story lines. It shows reality from all walks of life. So helpful to those in and out of recovery.
    The show lets people who are suffering from an addiction that there are people out there who want to and are willing to help. Not only the addicts but their families as well. It also lets people know that this can happen to anyone, no matter what role they play in society. If this show just helps only one individual, then by the grace of GOD, you have done your job, by bringing it out.
  • Just love the Cleaner!

    I tried to watch this show the first night it was on, but just couldnt get into it. BUT it was on all day sunday, and since my Giants game wasnt on TV i watched this. It got my attention. I wish there was someone around like this when my brother became addicted, and it might not have turned out like it has now. Benjamin Bratt is awesome! I love the characters interaction with his children. he's not perfect and doesnt try to come off that way. I can do without his having a wife, as i feel that limits his character, but at least he portrays that in a positive light.
  • There's not always a happy ending in life.

    While the show tends to end with the addicted individual getting the help they need and everything might seem to be bright and sunny, it also makes it clear that not everyone makes it. There's not always a happy ending and sometimes the addicted return to their addiction. You can't save everyone and this show reminds you of that. I enjoy watching this one and recommend it in addition to other dramas because it's always good to get a reminder that life isn't always roses and good guys walking off into the sunset. Life it hard and for some people it's harder than it is for others. Making mistakes is part of life and there are consequences for each action taken, good or bad.
  • I wish I'd HAD a William Banks at the end of my using carear

    This is the most amazing show I have ever seen. I am a recovering drug addict, this show is so accurate. Chilling accurate. Forget reality T.V. this show is or was my reality for over 15 years. I have a 15 year old sonirst episode by myself and and and this s nicholas, I lost custody of him 8 years agho to my sister and we dont live in the same household but we are extermly close. So after I watched the first episode by myself, I told him he had to see the show now WE (yes WE) have watched every episode since together. Anixety,grief fear,saddness,laughter,joy,relief,anger,happiness ect. are the emotions that I have felt while watching this program,and for a recovering addict like myself TO FEEL is a pretty amazing thing. THANKS
  • If it weren't for Grace Park i don't think i would watch this show

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  • The fact is this: This show is well needed to show those uptight ppl out there what is really out there if you have never lived the life of an addict or somebody affected by an addicted then yeah I wouldn't think that you could appreciate it.

    I've lived this life and this show shows that ppl can change and can help others. This show isn't afraid to show what is really out there and what really is effecting everybody. Without these kinds of shows we wouldn't know how to change. ppl need help to get clean but it's true only they have to want to change first but you can help them and that is what this man is doing out there. good work you guys and thank you for showing what is really happening out there. I support you on this quest!!!!! Great work and Please keep it going for the world needs to know how it really is working underneath it all. everybody has an addiction just some kill faster than others.
  • This show is about the gritty underside of humanity and does it well.

    Mycos1's review sounds like one an addict would right. My husband is an addict and he's been clean and sober for 25 years. Many of the things they portray in the show are fairly accurate. Addiction is a mess and sometimes things happen that you think could only happen in the movies or on tv. Of course, any decently educated person would understand that they take artistic license to dramatize the situations too. I do have to say that Amy Price-Francis is too soft for an recovering addicts wife. There needs to be more anger. Also many times spouses of addicts will stir the pot themselves to create drama because having strife in the home is "normal" to them. It's all part of the dysfunctional relationship. I think Bratt is doing a great job. I'm not even a fan of his but I have to give him respect when its due. I'm glad he was brave enough to take this part because I'm sure he knew that it would be scrutinized and tore apart by every addict and recovering addict around! Kudos to you too A&E!
  • Never!.....before in my life (49 yrs old) have I seen such garbage being passed off as serious drama! Only someone who could watch Reefer Madness and think it was actual documentary footage would be capable of sitting through 1 episode without hurling.

    One has to suspect that John Walters (DEA), or a "Freeper"-type representative from the police union or prison industry, someone who has a stake in Drug Prohibition must be behind this comedy of ignorant cliches. Nobody!, and I repeat NOBODY, who knows even the slightest thing about the source of most of the harm that befalls those who become addicted to drugs, could ever take this show seriously.

    Indeed many drugs are harmful in and of themselves, but the vast majority of damage comes from the irresponsible idea that by simply pushing the INEVITABLE, INDESTRUCTIBLE & PERPETUAL market in things that make people think they feel better (i.e. euphoriants ) into back alleys...that it is somehow being dealt with. It was folly in the 30s, and it's folly now! And this show is veritable Barnum & Bailey freak-show of follies regarding drug use. 99% is so far from the truth that the writers surely have no personal knowledge and are instead getting it from someone with a fixation on using force as a the best social engineering tactic. The Cleaner seems to think that scaring kids with exaggerations will result in less drug use. The idea rests on the naive hope that they will never find out the truth if only they can scare them so badly they will never have anything to do with drugs. The problem with this idea is that they already know that conservative society will lie about anything it doesn't approve of. The result is that they now refuse to listen to /anyone/, even when they are telling the truth about the really dangerous drugs. This is just one of many reasons why Prohibition 1 and ll have both resulted in an increase of the very problems they were supposed to fix.

    Lies backfire --- and Benjamin Bratt lies.

    I just watched the first 5 episodes and loved this show. It has a GREAT cast of characters and a very moving storyline.In this crazy world we live in you'd have to be a hermit not to know someone with an addiction problem.We could use more shows as real to life as this one.CHEERS!! to the cast,crew and writers of this excellent series. Who ever cast this show deserves a huge raise, a perfect match in every way. It is great to see Bratt in a role where he shines so bright. It may be the 49 yr old biker in me but Grace Park is six shades of cute,omg smokin.I look forward to watching every episode of this new show.
  • William Banks is a recovering addict who tries to help people deal with there own problems

    William Banks tries to help, he does the best he can to stop drug abuse. He tries to show people a better life. A life without addiction, a good life, a better one then the one they are leading.

    Benjamin Bratt stars as William Banks and I muse say it is one of the greatest developped characters. That may be heavily influenced by the fact that William Banks is a real man who did real things. Ben does an amazing job, it is a show I tune into see every week because it is a show full of deep emotions that you dont see in your glammed up rich kid tv show.It is different, it deals with mature content, it really is worth the hour every week. It can serve as a lesson to all who have ever done drugs. They can mess you up to the point of no return. It can serve as a reminder to some people to never stray from the path they lead. It can serve as wakening to those who feel they have it rough. There is always worse. The Cleaner offers something for everyone. It is worth watching week in and week out and I hope it can gain more of a fan base. Do not pass this up.
  • It's refreshing to see a show from a different angle than a cop's.

    The show is about a recovering addict out to help other addicts realize their addictions and fess up to them---with some help of course. While he's making this his life's work, he also struggles to keep his family life together.

    I like how the storyline is uniquely tied into just addictions, and not just yet another general crime drama. The methods to get the addicts into treatment is unconventional, and the fact that Bratt's character isn't just yet another cop out to catch [drug] abusers to arrest and prosecute gives the viewer a perspective of it all from a different angle. With him being a recovering addict himself, he can sympathize with his clients but also understand the struggle they need to go through to get clean and stay clean, and know just how to give them that cold reality straight.

    In an era of recently in the box writing [for the most part] and written copycat trends, it nice to see a different storyline take for once. Hopefully this show will grow and develop, and be around for a while longer.
  • i love this show the cleaner i think it is a awesome show and i hope it stays on the air for years to come the show is a 10 and BENJAMIN BRATT IS SO AWESOME HE PLAYS THE ROLE SO GOOD HE IS AN AWESOME ACTOR.

    i hope the show has many many more seasons to come i watch it everytime it is on can't miss it i even got my husband to watch it now i have to tape it for him cuz he can't miss it either all i can say is it is a awesome show every episodes is good loved them all i don't know what else to say except i love the show and benjamin bratt he is a great actor and plays this role awesome he is awesome and any role he plays in it would be so nice to meet him.
  • This is a great show. Anybody who disagrees is really something wrong with them and it is not a n unoriginal plot for the reviewer who said that needed to read at the begging of the episode.m They said that it was...

    This a great show and i love how it is based on a true story it just lets me be able to get into the characters and the plot a lot more and i just love to watch it and see what comes next. it also really let me into the world of addiction and i just hope i never have to be one of those people who have to deal with a loved one in that way and I know i will never be in that predicament myself. I am really surprised that the rating of the show did not go up. I came to chick on it after the show premiered especially after the premiere was so good. For those who don't like it then open your eyes.
  • A really great show.

    This show deals with the real world problems. Without any embelishment, the producers show us what happens, when you are addicted. And that is what makes this show very good. The Cleaner is very underappreciated. A lot of people obiously can't stand the truth. And the truth is, that there are a lot of drug addicts in this world, that need help. Benjamin Bratt plays a recovering addict, who helps other addicts to kick the drug habbit or he at least forces them to make the first step towards the recovery. People hire him to help their relatives. With the help of his friends, he successfully convinces people to go to recovery. They work by the principle: the end justifies the means.
  • Worth a watch

    I really love this show, i know a lot of ppl have criticised it by sayings its awful, but i actually think its very clever.

    It tackles a lot of issues that are a very common problem in our society today and shows how diverse the people are, a kid, a suburban housewife, a rockstar, all these ppl taking drugs and some ppl you would never concieve of doing so.

    I think its intelligent and informative and i like the majority of the cast.

    I think Benjamin bratt is an amazing actor, i liked him in e-ring even tho it was cancelled.
    He has a prescence that you cant help but see, sexy, authorative, sensitive, kind, i love the characrter.

    I like grace park as an actress, i have to admit she is the main reason i decided to start watching this because of her role on bsg and she doesnt disappoint me, she is underrated i think, she is beautiful and very talented.

    The other 2 main male leads, kinda annoy me but im hoping they will grow on me eventually.

    All in all a great summer show, and a great drama, watch it for yourself and find out xoxo
  • A show that I hope we will see a lot more of...

    The Cleaner is unlike any show I have ever seen before, and I have seen plenty of cop/crime shows in my time. Having been a huge fan of CSI: Miami/Law and Order, and the like, I sat down to watch this expecting something similar. What I got was a very interesting surprise. The Cleaner doesn't just provide new story lines and new characters, it brings to light a whole new world made possible by writing clever enough to reveal the truth, without making it so dramatizing its sickening. So far, the chemistry between the actors is clearly visible, and I am a firm believer than in time, it will get even better. I especially like the action between Banks and his wife. The members of Banks' team are all different and bring different elements to the table that make each person unique and allows them to give their own brand of helpfulness in curing their clients. A fascinating drama I cannot wait to see more of.
  • This show is Great!

    Followed the characters easily, and the premise of the show is interesting. I like the way that it deals with simple life issues, and the interactions are superb. The acting by the actors works great with the overall show. The character's interactions with one another work very well, and the show itself seems like something I can watch for the whole Season! Hopefully the characters and show develop more throughout the season. I really believe this show can work out, hopefully viewers will give it a chance! Love the show!! Great Work, can't wait to see more episodes in the future!
  • I can't get over what a crap this show was. The storyline and script was such poor quality.

    This pilot should have showcased the writer's very best work. I don't think the show is clear about the character's mission. I read it is limited to helping people get "clean" off drugs. Until then I thought he would be helping people in dire need. So based on that clean off drugs mission, all the writer's could come up with for the premiere was for Bratt to help a mom find her middle class white kid and get him to a hospital. The kid didn't even get to the treatment center - that was a one liner "Well get him into treatment tomorrow." Like it's no big deal and the kid would just go willingly to check himself into months of rehab somewhere. In what could have been more interesting was the crime bust at the end which would have result in closing the neighborhood criminal enterprise using drugs to get kids into crime was only 15-20 seconds. "Intervention" has more action and suspense than this show. This show laced rope to tie up and pull in the viewer EXCEPT for Benjamin Bratt. The writers failed miserably in not highlighting his attributes - any bit actor could play this character. Bratt should not have any ties so he could take major risks without worry.
  • Show worth your time. Very divers. Fun to watch and has all the good stuff: action, drama, comedy, romance, crime. The actors fit well together within this storyline. It also has the anticipation-feeling at the end. My advice: watch!

    show about a ex-addict who's the head of a team that picks up addicts from the street and helps them clean up, while trying to combine this with his family life. Actors are put together well and they are well thought off characters and have good chemistry between them. Show worth your time. Very divers. Fun to watch and has all the good stuff: action, drama, comedy, romance, crime. The actors fit well together within this storyline. It also has the anticipation-feeling at the end. My advice: watch!

    I don't really get the other comments/reviews, but eh everybody has i's own taste. But this show HAS the ingredients to become great, and I think viewers will be rewarded!
  • There's an hour of my life I'll never get back...

    I watched the premiere episode and won't be watching any more. This show is probably the slowest moving, most poorly written and most badly cast debacle! I've always liked Benjamin Bratt, he's usually pretty good. This time he's not. The storylines are incredibly predictable and the characters are uninspired. William Banks' wife doesn't understand his need to help addicts, his son hates him for spending so much time away from the family and his daughter wants to quit her extracurricular activities to spend more time with her dad. Yawn! Anaki will jump anything that moves. She's spoiled, rich and doesn't feel that she needs to follow the rules of the team because she slept with Banks. Yawn! Swenton is a whiner who's constantly complaining about either how well Anaki is treated or how he always gets the dirty jobs. Yawn! The "muscle" of the team is (big surprise) separated from his wife and kids and trying to reconcile. She wants nothing to do with him. After watching the scene when she leaves him a message telling him she doesn't want to see him again, I guessed that he'd kill himself. I was right. Apparently he was so self-absorbed that he couldn't get over the disappointment and stay alive for his kids. What a guy! However, this does lead to the introduction of a new character to play "the muscle". I removed all upcoming episodes from my DVR's to-do list. I recommend that you do the same!
  • That is all I can say. Decent!

    It was a decent show. Not great acting on any of the actor's parts. I did not come away feeling that I MUST see the next episode but I am going to TIVO it and give it another chance. I love the premise but it is still pretty raw. It needs a LOT of development and it needs to get us to feel something, anything, for the characters. The whole talking to God premise was a little weird for me and it might be something they need to tweak. I recommend that you watch the show to at lease see that people do get help for their addictions.
  • An idea that's time will never come.

    Well, what can be said about a fella that tries to keep people off drugs. I'm not sure really. I, myself, have a problem. I don't care if people take drugs. So, my empathy for this guy helping stupid people that don't want it is sorely lacking.

    As far as the actors go, they seem to work out well. Grace Park doesn't really fit because she's too hot, but the rest seem to be perfect for cracktard central. If the folks were trying to help themselves, but couldn't quite make it- and crackhead McGyver came to the rescue- then that would work. But chasing down a bunch of degenerates that deserve to die in whichever way they are currently killing themselves just doesn't float my boat.

    If I were making this show, well.. I wouldn't make this show. Here's my counterproposal for a show. Welcome to America. People have freedom and responsibility. In this magical place you get to choose whether you want to be smart or dumb/alive or dead. I think all drugs should be legal for everyone. And in this magical place, whoever isn't stupid enough to take drugs gets to have sex with the hot girl in the show. And everyone that's alive is happy. The End.

    I'm sorry for being so inconveniently PC, but if this assault on your communistic morality upsets you- move. In fact, move to Amsterdam. They don't seem to have a problem with letting stupid people die and the rest living happily ever after. Nobody forces these people to use anything. Nobody should force them not to use it either. This is a show for nearsighted myopic guilt-ridden hippies looking for a cutesy answer. The answer is you take responsibility for yourself. Batman won't save you. Not even if you're the Joker.
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