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  • An idea that's time will never come.

    Well, what can be said about a fella that tries to keep people off drugs. I'm not sure really. I, myself, have a problem. I don't care if people take drugs. So, my empathy for this guy helping stupid people that don't want it is sorely lacking.

    As far as the actors go, they seem to work out well. Grace Park doesn't really fit because she's too hot, but the rest seem to be perfect for cracktard central. If the folks were trying to help themselves, but couldn't quite make it- and crackhead McGyver came to the rescue- then that would work. But chasing down a bunch of degenerates that deserve to die in whichever way they are currently killing themselves just doesn't float my boat.

    If I were making this show, well.. I wouldn't make this show. Here's my counterproposal for a show. Welcome to America. People have freedom and responsibility. In this magical place you get to choose whether you want to be smart or dumb/alive or dead. I think all drugs should be legal for everyone. And in this magical place, whoever isn't stupid enough to take drugs gets to have sex with the hot girl in the show. And everyone that's alive is happy. The End.

    I'm sorry for being so inconveniently PC, but if this assault on your communistic morality upsets you- move. In fact, move to Amsterdam. They don't seem to have a problem with letting stupid people die and the rest living happily ever after. Nobody forces these people to use anything. Nobody should force them not to use it either. This is a show for nearsighted myopic guilt-ridden hippies looking for a cutesy answer. The answer is you take responsibility for yourself. Batman won't save you. Not even if you're the Joker.
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