The Cleveland Show

Season 1 Episode 9

A Cleveland Brown Christmas

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 13, 2009 on FOX

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  • Christmas review 7: An okay Christmas special

    After having too much egg nog at the office party, Cleveland spills the beans about Rallo's father. Cleveland tries to reconnect father and son in an attempt to save Rallo's Christmas spirit. Meanwhile, Roberta becomes an animal rights activist and tries to save a reindeer.This Christmas special was okay. I thought the whole plot could have been better. Roberta's plot was kinda funny. Rallo reading his letter was a little funny but it was a bit offensive because he told the f word in front of everyone. Overall I kinda enjoyed Roberta's plot more than Rallo's plot. 6/10
  • After revealing to Rollo the truth about his father, Cleveland vows to make it up to him by bringing his father home by Christmas morning.

    The Cleveland Show is one of those programs that I want to like, but on occasion, find it difficult to do so. I'm clearly not alone in that, judging by reviews that generally find the show mediocre. However, tonight's episode "A Cleveland Brown Christmas" has managed to make liking the show a little bit easier. In fact, for the first time I can remember, I actually enjoyed it more than the Family Guy episode that followed (though to be honest, "Business Guy" was a weak episode).

    Onto the show itself. Robert, Rollo's dead-beat dad, has convinced Rollo that his absence is due to his being in the FBI. Donna, not wanting to upset her son, goes along with the lie. With this set-up, The Brown Family goes to Mr. Waterman's Christmas Party. Waterman of course, is Cleveland's ambiguously gay boss, in the style of Mr. Weed (Peter's boss from Family Guy who was killed off much too soon). The party provides some of the biggest laughs of the show, leading up to Cleveland being asked to play Santa Claus.

    In his role as Santa, Rollo confides to him just how bad a step-father Cleveland is and how great his real dad is, being a hero in the FBI. Angered, Cleveland tells Rollo the truth, disillusioning him and ruining his Christmas.

    In order to make it up to Rollo, Cleveland goes in search of Robert, finding him at a strip club and convincing him to return on Christmas (with a story that's even more absurd than being in the FBI). Nonetheless, Rollo believes it, and his faith is restored.

    All this, plus one sexually-hyped up run-away reindeer made for a very entertaining episode. Normally, I'd give it about a 7 or 8, but when compared to other episodes of Cleveland, it gets a couple of bonus points for improvement to the series as a whole.
  • Not great, but better than the last one, in my opinion.

    This was a better episode, in my opinion, because it had a nice storyline, when you compare it to the rubbish in the last few episodes.

    Also, I thought that it was nice to have an episode centred around Rallo, which was decent, although I still didn't find it funny at all, which was the down side.

    I liked the idea of a Christmas episode, but once again, they could've done it way better, but at least it was an improvement over Thanksgiving, in my opinion.

    I still feel that the show has potential, but if it continues the way it is going, I'm sure a cancellation is on the cards.
  • Cleveland is spending his first Christmas with his new family and starts it out by destroying his step-sons image of his real father by being a drunk Santa Claus. The usual fireworks ensues.

    Actually I saw the Family Guy episode before this one and actually was looking forward to this show being superior. I was disappointed.

    I think this episode pretty much does it for me with this series. Every once in a while The Cleveland Show shows the promise of Family Guy and has some truly humorous moments. Generally it is much more like this episode with the same kind of humor as other shows but with really bad timing, characterization, and writing.

    I still come back to the lead character cannot carry this show. The family with Donna, Cleveland Jr., Roberta, and Rallo is well thought out. The neighbors are interesting as well. Something just does not click about this show otherwise.

    Unfortunately the funniest thing about tonight's episode was the wayward reindeer! That is really saying something. It's not that the characters do stupid things or like Peter on Family Guy set up ridiculous situations. Part of the problem is that the situations never get resolved and generally aren't very funny in the first place.

    So another disappointing episode of the wayward MacFarlane show that we are looking to continue for at least another year. So It's time to look forward to Sons of Tucson taking this spot in March. Hooray! Thanks for reading...