The Cleveland Show

Season 3 Episode 22

All You Can Eat

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • I like it!

    Why is everyone hating on this? I think this was alovely conclusion of good season. It's not american dad but it is a lot better than family guy. it's funny. beauthifully drawn and touches interesting subjects (gay hatred)
  • Horrible Show!

    How can a show that started out so well, fall so fast, to the bottom? The writers of this show have really went off the deep end.
  • An okay episode

    It was better than some other episodes, but it wasn't perfect.
  • All You Can Eat

    All You Can Eat was a great episode of The Cleveland Show. I really enjoyed watching because the story was funny as Roberta helps Jr. transform his looks. It was hilarious to see he was mistaken for a lesbian after forming a bond with a girl from another school at the mall arcade. I liked the message and how every thing played out. The ending was great! I look forward to the next season!
  • the cleveland show all you can eat

    this was an okay episode it has its funny moments basiacly roberta tries to make cleveland jr popular by giving him a makeover then he ends up meeting a girl and the girl thinks cleveland jr's a girl as she is a lesbian this storyline was funny but cleveland's storyline was kinda boring and i liked the quote when cleveland jr's girlfriend said wow your family must love lesbians yeah you should see my dad's internet history yeah i probably give it a 9 due to cleveland's storyline but still good best way to end the season