The Cleveland Show

Season 1 Episode 19

Brown History Month

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 09, 2010 on FOX

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  • I actually enjoyed this episode, and I find this show charming in its own unique way. :idea:

    In this episode, Cleveland and his son love to celebrate Black History Month, and now they get to celebrate it with Donna and her two kids! Rallo discovers while African-Americans have come a long way since the awful days of slavery, not being able to vote, and offensive stereotypes, there is still injustice in the world and to African-Americans. When Rallo finds out how Barrack Obama is so far the United States ONLY African-American President, he's determined to inspire Cleveland to see his friend Lester as a Southern, Redneck, Hillbilly racist. One thing leads to another, and Cleveland knocks out Lester after learning that Lester doesn't approve of inter-racial marriage. Of course, Cleveland soon finds himself in a tight spot when he has to go to court for violently hitting Lester, a white man. Fortunately, the judge is lenient with both Cleveland and Lester, and he decides their sentence should be having to work on a unity float for a cultural ethnicity parade, in order to teach them both about tolerance. Of course, Cleveland and Lester only work together so they won't HAVE to work together ever again after finishing their sentence. :roll: When Rallo sees that Cleveland won't step up his game of redeeming African-Americans pride, Rallo decides to do the job himself by stealing a symbol of White Man's ignorance: a Southern Confederate flag owned by Lester! Unfortunately, Rallo doesn't watch where he's going, and he bumps into Kendrick who falls off of her scooter and traps Rallo under her titanic body! :shock: With Rallo and Kendrick both being unable to move, they actually learn a lot about each other and they find out that they are more alike than they are different. But when Kendrick is in danger of going into a sugar coma, Rallo thinks fast and describes delicious food to Kendrick so her body will produce enough sweat to allow Rallo to escape underneath Kendrick! Then Rallo rushes to the snack cabinet, fills an epipen with syrup and injects it into Kendra, saving her life! :D This show is now one of my favorites! ;)