The Cleveland Show

Season 2 Episode 22

Hot Cocoa Bang Bang

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 15, 2011 on FOX

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  • They did it much better in Family Guy. Just not in this episode.

    Yes, they did a similar plot in Family Guy's "And I'm Joyce Kinney". Well, except in Family Guy, they never go to Comic Con, but it's all about the family discovering a shocking secret about the housewife, so it's technically not a copycat, but still. Almost every joke in this episode was as lame and dry as the next one. Cleveland Junior's plot was nothing special. Just an opportunity for the writers to "nerd out" Cleveland Jr. Another problem I've had with this episode is a cutaway where it shows these two terrorists watching the Cleveland Show. The terrorists think that this show isn't bad and then, the other terrorist says "Move over, King of Yes, we get it, Seth. Fox cancelled a good show for your piece of crap, but you don't have to rub it in our faces! When Fox cancels Family Guy and replaces it with another Mike Judge show, who'll be laughing now? The only funny part in this episode was Comic Book Guy's cameo appearance in this episode and he was right. That was his worst cameo ever.
  • An episode that had it all; a star studded cast, a nice plot and some great scenes.

    The season finale of McFarlane's third show was one to be remembered as everything fell together. If anything, the show felt very sitcomy and comfortable which is everything you need from a family based show. I'm not a big fan of Cleveland Brown but the episode did a stellar job in making me forget that. There were some spot on jokes, wonderful guest stars that include Danny Trejo, Robert Rodriguez and Emily Deschanel and fun references. The episode took place at Comic Con which besides original is a golden ticket to making any episode succeed. Movie references galore an self-created superhero (Waterman) and to top off the nerd crazed cake a cameo from that other Sunday night animation show. Besides the plot that a woman made a tape in the past that's coming back to haunt her family and compromise their values being a tad outplayed, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the episode.
    Well done.