The Cleveland Show

Season 3 Episode 19

Jesus Walks

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 29, 2012 on FOX

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  • Great!

    This was a really good episode .Hunter and Junior fight for a devout christian who eventually finds out they have been faking being christians to be with her.
  • good episode

    it was good
  • Brilliant!

    Junior and Hunter (Darren Criss) fight for devout christian girl, Vanessa (Fergie)'s heart.
  • Where did this come from?

    OK, Seth McFarlain's a genius but he seemed like an over-extended genius when this show came out. There's always a laugh or two (and that's exaggerating for a few of them) but this one was really funny as hell. Like, if all,or at least more than 50% of the episodes, were as good as this one, I'd love this program. The characters were already good, but badly developed. I know they've got some great singing talent in the cast but you hardly get any songs. Good one-off jokes and great musical numbers made older Family Guy great. If they can keep this up, I might stop quietly hoping this show would be cancelled.