The Cleveland Show

Season 1 Episode 6

Ladies Night

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • Absolutely horrible

    The good news about this episode is that the only funny character in this show is Ralo. The rest are absolute train-wrecks including the main guy Cleveland. One out of the two tracks was good- the one with Jr. running for school president. And C Jr, wasn't the funny one, it was Ralo. I mean, though the writing is definitely pathetic, seeing a 3 year old kid behave like an adult is for sure amusing. And it's a proven formula for success, and we all know that because we adore Stewie from Family Guy. I guess the writers are trying hard, but a bunch of bears, hillbillies, and an Italian prostitute really cant pull off 20 minutes of comedy.
  • Really bad, but it was actually better than anything so far.

    Another episode of The Cleveland Show, and once again, I have been extremely generous by rating this episode a 7.5, even though it was still pretty awful.

    I have to admit that there were some funny moments from the episode, although it is nowhere near as good as Family Guy.

    I did enjoy this episode a little more than most of the previous ones, but that doesn't mean that I liked it.

    For the majority, I found the episode pointless and boring, and at one point, I was looking forward to the commercial break.

    I really hope that this show improves, because I feel it is awful but it has potential to be decent.
  • Cleveland is trying to get Donna to spend time with his friends wives so they can all hang out together. Donna goes back to hanging with her single friends. Cleveland Jr. as a joke gets nominated for Student Body President.

    By far one of the best episodes of this show so far. It still had a few awkward/stupid moments, but for the most part it was actually funny tonight.

    It may be because Donna was the major focal point of the episode. While Cleveland acts sort of stupid most of the time she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and is an interesting character. Sort of like Marge to Homer, but at least Homer is pathetically funny at times.

    Rollo having it pointed out to him that Cleveland Jr.'s success or lack there off will effect him as he is his older brother, decides to run Cleveland Jr's campaign to make sure he wins. Some funny and some ridiculous bits highlight this endeavor, but for the most part it was pretty good.

    I enjoyed the Donna/Cleveland piece until the end where Cleveland dressed up and acted stupid so that Donna could get in with her friends. I'm thinking the problem with this show is the focal character is Cleveland and he just isn't funny. That has a tendency to ruin programs when the main character is a dolt.

    A fairly entertaining episode and along with the cable episode the best of the season. Thanks for reading...
  • Solidly funny.

    While I still think that Cleveland's group of friends is not nearly as strong as Peter's on Family Guy, the show is really shaping up to be dependably funny. The scenes with the Italian prostitute were humorous, the bear and his wife work great as characters, and Cleveland's jokes are getting sharper. Perhaps, the biggest compliment that can be given to this show is that the plots are more spot on, there are less cutaway jokes (not making it better necessarily, but at least different than Fam Guy), and the relationship between Cleveland and Donna has some believability to it- namely if she slept with Bill Clinton, they wouldn't resolve it in a half an hour with no hurt feelings. I'd say it's shaping up.
  • horrible!!!

    This show fails at its attempts at humor. I wish it was not true but the charactors just do not pass off the lines well. They always seem to try humor based on stereotypes and it allways falls short, seems worn out, or just like they are trying to hard. People just need to come to terms with not everything seth makes is gold this shows a bomb hopefully they put it out of its misery soon and find a better solution for the 8:30 king of the hill slot. If it was not for the producers being seth it would have made it as long as sit down and shut up.
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