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  • Hall and Oates

    I love how Hall and Oates was Cleavland's conscience. The good and bad sides. the angel and devil. and it was voiced by the real Daryl Hall and John Oates.
  • Loved the show!

    Yeah yeah, it did kind of go downhill during season 4. But it's okay there were lots of funny moments. I just wish it wasn't cancelled there were people who liked the show. Also I loved Tim but I didn't like that he stopped talking during season 3 and 4. In conclusion I like this show alot. ^^
  • Is day white folks bein' dark?

    I just donk git dis stuffin'. What is dey or not today or when it rains? Can ewe hep me out of here so I can go to sleep? Put on .
  • Nowhere near as good as Family Guy

    I'm not saying it's bad, but when you compare it to Family Guy which was truly a hilarious and successful show, the cleveland show seems awful. It has its moments but I feel like they could do better on it considering how well they did on Family Guy. I just feel like it's a waste of a show and I feel bad for people who were die hard King of the Hill fans who had to see the show go in order to make the cleveland show happen.
  • Terrible!

    Okay so family guy had a few laughs, american dad a few less now they produce this show and there are even less laughs again. Seth macfarlane's group thought it was funny to make a spin off about the least popular character on family guy, not a stewie and brian spinoff or a quagmire series, no they made a cleveland show. WELL FUCK YOU! For a start cleveland isnt funny. he never was. his family are annoying, maybe ralo says funny stuff sometimes but that cant save a show. waste of time and effort and of the limited resources we have left on this planet.
  • Lo spin-off per eccellenza.

    Questa la migliore serie spin-off che io abbia mai a divertire come non mai,non sr coinvolgente come I Griffin,ma la considero comunque un vedere assolutamente.
  • Crappy Show

    Seth could have done better with this one. Considering Family Guy and American Dad, I was expecting more. I think that a spin off with quagmire would have been a lot better.
  • Horrible

    Ugh! This Show! I can't stand this show! Thank god it was cancelled! The creators should be ashamed of thier shelfs.

    1.5 out of 10
  • what a surprise !

    I personally enjoy the Cleveland Show I thought it was funny n I think the only reason it didn't do well it's because the main character Are black. Not pulling the race card or anything but how many TV shows are there where the main characters are black on TV, none that I can name at this moment and if there are any there very few. I remember a show called the Wayans brothers and it was a great show with Marlon and Shawn Wayans it was on a network called The WB and the show didn't even get a final episode, just cut the show said F it . In my opinion when it comes to the media it's all about the pigment if the color is not bright it's not right. Just a few thoughts from my mind nothing personal I'm not a racist just looking at things through the eyes of a person of color.

    I LOVED THE CLEVELAND SHOW!!! So sad it was taken off. It showed a side of Cleveland we could never see because everybody ele's personalities were waaaay to big. All the characters were funny as hell and complimented each other. He was in his own space to do what he wanted. Job well done Seth!!
  • I don't understand why people are hating on this show.

    I really don't think this show is THAT bad.
  • Nope...

    I'm not surprised it got canceled. Their ratings have never been that good. Plus, I don't even know why they bothered with this spin-off.
  • It was barely watchable for me

    While Cleveland was a member of Family Guy, he was usually a voice of reason for Peter's group and was often times calm and patient and passive, which was his charm. But then he got a spin-off.

    When Cleveland got his spin-off, he ceased to be the calm, passive guy on from Family Guy. He instead became a lame version of Peter Griffin. Cleveland became stupider, somewhat more hyper, more misogynistic, and even though he was becoming more like Peter Griffin, Cleveland didn't have Peter's own charm as there can be only one Peter Griffin.

    I did like the cast of characters in the show, such as Rallo. Rallo was actually kind of funny, but not enough to really make me laugh. I look forward to Cleveland returning to Quahog, but I hope Cleveland gets his old charm back.
  • No Bad show Bad show!

    Don't like it.

    Don't like it

    Don't like it

    Not funny, too many race jokes.


    Sorry Seth

    You no fun anymore!
  • why this show got screwed

    when a show reaches 88 episodes that show has the right to go into any sort of syndication, whether it be first-run syndication or second-run or etc.

    and the cleveland show ended exactly at 88 episodes, so that means FOX knew it was gonna be shit anyways and kept renewing seasons to keep Seth happy-happy-joy-joy and tried to make their guap back through syndication deals (which worked best with you-know-it Adult Swim)

    shit they even renewed the show for a second season prior to the pilot airing on live tv

    then it was clear Seth didn't give two shits about the show when he stopped doing voices for two characters when season 3 came around
  • Please, Seth--Enough Is Enough!

    I am relieved that FOX finally got around to cancelling "The Cleveland Show". This is probably because Seth McFarlane wants to concentrate on his other remaining animated stalwarts--"Family Guy" and "American Dad"--as well as focus on his new live action sitcom, "Dads". Thankfully Mr. McFarlane also shuttered the idea of a "Flintstones" reboot.

    "The Cleveland Show" was a definite waste of time when I did watch it, as the humor fell flat and was replaced by ethnic jokes. Many of the episodes were also generally boring--"Flush With Genius" being the major exception, only because the series had already been in the creative toilet by the end of Season 3.

    If Seth McFarlane ever does a Hispanic version of "Family Guy", I'll be pissed.

    UPDATE: I'm too late--Seth MacFarlane is going to do Bordertown, which will be a Latin version of Family Guy. NOW I AM PISSED!
  • Boring most of the times.

    And stereotypical, I like stereotypical movies like "Norbit", but this doesn't can't give one good stereotypical jokes. I like stereotypes not for discriminating, but for laughs and gags! And the way they portrait the American-Africans around, is offending, to some people however.

    Plot: Almost like Family Guy. has lost his own trait to create a good cartoon because of money and greed.

    Characters: Cleveland's family in here is the least nice IMO, but the others, are really nice to be shooed away.

    Humor: Toilet, insulting stereotypical jokes. Eddie Murphy's movies had some stereotypical jokes referring to blacks, but he's also black! This is a point of advice for him, since you know people these days, and they may get the wrong idea for Seth. He could spark some offensive content or controversy that will be a big problem for his own and what do you know? Maybe black people can start their own crusade against him. *shrug* has also lost it when it comes to humor.

    Art: Nothing changed, it's the only one content that wasn't tainted around by Seth's mistakes!

    Overall: 2.5. Had some few laughs with this, but other than that, there's nothing else.
  • Yeah, decent spin off, but better off on the original show

    I really liked the characters on the show but I think that th characters should have stuck to Family Guy. With Brian dead, I think they should put a popular character (Cleveland) back on an for good this time. Dont get me wrong, the spin off was okay but not as good as Suite Life on Deck good.
  • Kill the show, not the characters

    The Cleveland Show is unique for all its amazing characters, specially Cleveland, and of course... that's it! The characters are the only thing that made people watch the show. I'm glad it was cancelled, I feel horrible because we may never see The Brown Family, Lester, Gus and others ever again. What a shame, dudes. What a shame.
  • How Sad

    The show is longer being made, what a shame, I could see it happening, the episodes were getting worse and not very funny at all.
  • Cleveland Rocks!

    Seth McFarlane has done it again! What a genius he is to do a spinoff of Family Guy!
  • Stupidest show ever in the galaxy

    I watched one episode: season 4 ep 5. and it felt like I was watching a 3 hour movie. that is how boring it was. I rated this THING a 1 because I really would rather watch blues clues then this peace of trash.

  • Better than Family Guy. Not as good as American Dad

    This is actually a pretty decent show. I don't get why all the hate comes in. I don't watch it regularly but its still entertaining and somewhat funny. Definitely should check it out if you like Family Guy and American Dad

  • Did not have a good feeling about this show

    Cleveland is my least favorite from the Family Guy friend gang. A spin off of Quagmire or Joe would've been better, cause I love them. Only upside is that it's kinda good to not have Cleveland in Family Guy anymore. And now I'm just talking about him. All the other characters are annoying, especially Rallo. He's annoying as f*ck.
  • It's okay but...

    Nowhere near as good as the awesome Family Guy and the mixed American Dad. I think people pick on it a little too much, but I can see why one wouldn't like it.
  • Just Why?

    Its not the worst show ever made but it still sucks. I already don't like Family Guy so you wouldn't expect me to like this. This wasn't really necessary for this show to be made. All it is is basically an African American version of Family Guy. I'm also kind of offended by some of the jokes they use, becuase some of them are really racist. I'm at least glad that it got cancelled and that Seth MacFarlane's Flinstones reboot got scrapped.

  • Well, this show is bad...

    The title says it all. I miss King of the Hill. Take this sh*tty Cleveland Show off the air and put King of the Hill back on or at least a KOTH spin-off.
  • Makes Family guy seem funny

    This show is so bad it makes Family guy look good.
  • Seth, the people have spoken, your show sucks! So get rid of it, now!

    I always enjoy the works of Seth MacFarlane and love to watch Family Guy or American Dad but when I heard of The Cleveland Show, a spin off of Family Guy, I was a little worried.I know spin-offs are not as good as the show they come from, but I never thought The Cleveland Show would be this bad. The show's characters are blatant rip-offs of Family Guy and they are unlikeable and Cleveland's new friends are just plain stupid. Rallo is easily the worse member of the family, he tries to be this awesome kid, but in reality he's just an annoying baby with an afro that rivals Shafts. Part of the problem is that everyone can understand Rallo whereas in Family Guy, only Brian understood Stewie, and in some episodes, the show breaks the fourth wall and everyone can understand Stewie, but in Cleveland's show, since everyone can understand Rallo, all his humor is just as dry as the rest of the show. Tim the Bear comes off as a big mistake, some people say he's funny but I have not seen him do a funny moment yet and is whatever humor he tries to do is unfunny. Cleveland Brown JR. was a complete disgrace, I know there was a brief back story as to why he's fat, but I liked him when he was as hyper as Speedy Gonzales not when he was like Fat Albert's idiotic and unfunny cousin. Donna is actually the most tolerable of the family, she rips off Louis but she does provide very few funny moments. Roberta is actually a rip off of Hayley from American Dad, she is just as whiny and unlikeable as her counterpart and she even has a boyfriend who looks almost like Jeff Fisher. The rest of the neighbors are boring and provide no comedy whatsoever. There are too few moments of actual comedy and the rest of the comedy is just way too dry, and I like dry humor. All the plots are uninteresting and the side plots are just as unfunny as the main plot. There are times that some Family Guy cast members make a cameo appearance but I think it's because Seth is trying to make the show funny with their appearance but it fails like the rest of the show. I watched through all the episodes of season 1 of this show and see if it got progressively better like American Dad, but it hasn't at all. Some people argue come on let it grow, you know what? No, I gave this show more than enough chances and it hasn't gotten better. Compare this show to American Dad, in season 1 the show wasn't really funny and at season 2, it got funnier. In The Cleveland Show's case, we have begun season two with humor that is still unfunny and characters that are still boring and flat. It's hard to believe that this show canceled the beloved King of the Hill. In the end, this show just fails on many levels, the characters are rip offs and uninteresting, the plots are unoriginal ,the humor is unfunny and whatever funny moments there are they are too far from each other, and it's just a stupid idea. What idiot at FOX is letting this show stay on the air and why? Someone at FOX needs to cancel this show and put King of the Hill back on the air, that show had better comedy and characters than this drek. Even if you are a huge fan of Seth's works this is one show to avoid at all costs, maybe if we don't watch it, it will end. Let's start that trend to end this show.
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