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  • so dissapointed.

    huge let down. maybe caused me to smile twice, but no laughs. trying way too hard to be a 'black' family guy and totally failed. they need a major overhaul before this show gets considered for a 2nd season. ill watch one more episode but if it's as bad as the pilot, that's it for me. the best part was right at the start when they had all the family guy characters on the show for 5 minutes. other than that, bland boring and stupid. I expected way more from a show stemming off of family guy. please try harder.
  • A weak start for Family Guy's weakest character, as I feared.

    This show could get better with time, but somehow I doubt it. It started out with some of the weakest flashback gags from Family Guy and then went downhill from there. Nothing special about this spin off from start to finish, not a laugh or even a serious giggle in the entire episode. The characters in Family Guy and American Dad at least had some chemistry together that made each of those series work well, but I didn't sense that at all with The Cleveland Show. I'm sorry, but I predict cancellation for this show before the end of the season if it doesn't improve radically in the next few episodes.
  • Cleveland Brown leaves family guy to live a new life with his family.

    When I first heard of this show I mixed thoughts on it but seeing the first episode it makes me indifferent on the show, Cleveland is back with his ex wife and he is reunited with his son Cleveland jr.(now get me wrong he was a good character but I think him looking obese and being voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson makes him to sound a little older than his age and not very approprate for a character like him) and he has 2 new kids who are rip-offs of Stewie and Meg and now Cleveland's neighbors (I think that's how you spell it right) are bears which seems kind of odd. This show seems to be okay but it also isn't that funny but it's decent right now I guess, an okay show for a spin-off of family guy an okay show so far not the best but not bad so a 6.0 rating overall would seem right.
  • This show is totally not worth the time on the air, or my attention. The characters are weak and not interesting. The bear does not work. Seth MacFarlane, I am very shocked you would partiicpate in this weak show.

    The show is very disappointing and will not last. The story is weak, the characters are not interesting or they do not make sense. It is a total waste of time for me to watch it. I am very suprised and disappointed in Seth MacFarlane in thinking that this show would even work. I know there has been a lot of work put into the production of it, and that is sad to me. It is work that should be put elsewhere. I was very leary of it being a worthy show, and now I am proven right. Sorry, it stinks!

    i watched the series premiere of this show and i thought it would be good WRONG! isn't cleveland jr skinny and now he's fat what the f**k! this doesn't make sense. when i saw it i thought how would this show be different from family guy but there isn't any differences! the only good part i find about this show is that nothing the good part was when stewie says "what the hell he gets his own show?!" funny that wasn't even part of the show so thats why seth should give up and not make a spin-off 99% of the time the spin-off always suck take from past experiences!
  • Wow this show sucks

    I'm dead serious. I cannot believe Seth actually made this show. Okay, so the show is about Cleveland and his son(Who suddenly makes an appearance after missing 4 seasons, and is suddenly over-weight) who move out of Quahog because his former wife Lorretta took his house after the divorce. So him and his son leave everything heading to California. Before they leave, everyone is saying goobye to them and all of the sudden Stewie says "bye chocolate people". When I first heard that, I was suprised. And I thought, Seth only made this because he wanted to make black jokes wothout sounding racist. And that gave me the thought that Mcfarlane was bullied by black kids when he was younger which is why he possibly did this...hey it could be possible. I mean the jokes aren't even that funny.So they heading west to California and Cleveland decides to stop at his old town Stoolbend..and suddenly meets people that have never been mentioned. So he marries his old love and becomes a dad of a girl and a baby. Then after the pilot, they have all kinds of adventures with a bear living next to them, some southern folks, and a short Man [Bleep] this show, [Bleep] this show, [Bleep] U seth, you are a [Bleep].
  • Not a working spin-off, nowhere near as good as Family Guy or American Dad

    When I found out that Cleveland Brown was going to get a spin-off, I was a little puzzled. I knew that without a doubt if this "Cleveland Show" was going to be even a little watchable, they would have to develop AT LEAST a few great characters. I am a big fan of Family Guy and American Dad. There are very well written, well developed characters on both shows that have likeable traits. Both shows have good writing. The jokes land. Family Guy has the cutaway gags and silliness, American Dad is character driven enough to make it funny without something being thrown in that has nothing to do with the story. The Cleveland Show maintains the cutaways of Family Guy, which is done less frequently and with less functionality. The cutaways just don't work. Let's face it, on Family Guy, Cleveland was probably the least funny of any recurring character. McFarlane would have been better off creating a show with a character like...umm...honestly, no one springs into my mind. I would say that Stewie or Brian should get a show, but they are not characters that can be taken from Family Guy that wouldn't take too much from the humor of the show. The Cleveland Show is not really clever, there are no genuinely original characters. If a character isn't a rip-off of someone on Family Guy, it is a rip-off of one on some other animated show. Cleveland is boring and unfunny usually, with a 1 in 20 shot at getting a laugh. It only makes sense that his own show could be described in just the same way. I tried giving this show a few episodes to work out the kinks. I understand that the characters are unfamiliar at first and need time to develop. The development has not occurred. Sure, four episodes in is not that many, but I feel as though any other show would have already had its plug pulled. McFarlane may have been better off creating a completely new show just as he did with American dad.
  • Not working for me...

    I orignally first started off with the Pilot. That was terrible, dull, and was boring with awful humor. Of course, you can't judge a show by a pilot, so I gave it another chance. The next episodes were slightly better, but they still sucked.

    I hate the characters in the show. The baby isn't funny at all. He's just really, really dull. The teenage girl that lives with the family, she's mostly not in the show. So I won't make any comments about her. Cleveland is as annoying as hell listening to his plain, dull accent for 21 minutes. And why would they choose Cleveland. He is one of the more un-popular characters on Family Guy. I could more likely see Quagmire doing his own show. It would get a boost in popularity BIG Time.

    A lot of the jokes are really boring. I'm pretty sure Seth is starting to run out of ideas. Pretty obvisous since he practiclly owns FOX for Animation Dominaton. The baby (I don't know his damn name) is always making these really pathetic jokes throughtout the episode. Who is producing this crap?

    Overall, the Cleveland Show is a let down with a few funny jokes. I'll give it a few more episodes as a last minute chance, but after that, I'm just going to leave this show alone.
  • This show is gross.

    I am suprised that Seth Mcfarlane is in the credits as writer for this show; and he does one of the voices. I find the jokes vulgar and weird to say the least. I am not American and I can see how some Americans can like this. The people who enjoy movies like Dumb and Dumber will probably like this too. If I compare this to family guy which is slick and has off the wall humour; The Cleveland show does not deliver any of that style. I managed to watch one and a half episodes before I gave up on it. It's a shame to see such a talent as Mcfarlane deliver such trollope. One looks at this show and wonders if if it was just another money spinner. Poor script and even worse jokes. If that is the case and the greed factor for Mcfarlane was too big an opportunity to miss out on then that is just sad.

    I don't care for a dead dog lying in the road and them a remark "I'll take him away as there us no evidence of sexual assualt." How on earth can that be funny? It's weird and too me just horrid. I don't care to watch people throwing up either for what? It's a shame as if you look at Groening and what he has developed i.e Simpsons and Futurama - both shows are slick and have the same good wit. If this show is cheap to make it will probably stay on air as that's what happens these days all the cheap shows and reailty shows stay on TV forever. If it costs too much and not 500 million people are watching it it gets canned. It's a real shame - so many shows don't get given a chance anymore.
  • Simply awful.

    This show keeps getting worse and worse. It was obvious that using one of the weakest characters from family guy would lead to a weak show... even the fighting chicken would have made a better show than this. The gross-out jokes are pathetic and overused. While American Dad took a while to catch on, it's much funnier and has better writing and characters than this re-hashed flaming bag of dog shyt.
    Hey Seth, why not create another unfunny spin-off using the stupid jewish pharmacist, or maybe using the bear from the Cleveland Show... cash the checks quick, cause this show is NOT going to last. Absolutely the worst animated comedy on television.
  • Sorry another abysmal rating.

    This show just sucks. Cleveland Brown, is not the same Cleavland Brown, I came to grow and love. He is now someone who can't decide which perosnality to take. The supporting cast seem to be black caricatures of the family guy cast. Cleveland Jr=Chris Rallo=Stewie and Donna=Lois. Seth McFarlene, is merely just repeating himself, the show is even dominated with cutways just like family. This show was not a great idea and I hope it gets canceled. Also why in ever show McFarlene creates there has to be a talking animal, its getting pretty old. The fish in American Dad was bad enough, now this bible thumping european bear comes in. Ugghh... this show sucks.
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    If you like this show there is something wrong with you, i don't even think seth even likes this show. I really can't be bothered putting effort into such a lousy show with a good review so ill just list the words that describe this show. Boring, stupid, moronic, gay horrible plots and all, unfunny, retarded. Now i will tell you shows better shown that you deserve a look. The office, how i met your mother, the sopranos, two and a half men, the 1st 4 seasons of family guy, american dad, seinfeld and a lot more other shows.Bottom line this show sucks ass.
  • In Conclusion there isn't much to like about The Clevland Show virtually every episode can be a typical family Guy episode but the opening theme tune is cool so that's the only good thing about this show.

    So Seth Macfarlane has made a spin off of the funny and popular Family Guy staring supporting charachter Clevland Brown called The Clevland Show. Sadly It's neither funny or popular.

    First off as a die hard Family Guy fan I couldn't wait for a Clevland spin off. Frankly there were more deserving charachters that Clevland but I was still exicted. But then I watched the first three episodes and I felt I'd tasted crap, due to how unfunny the charachter's are execpt for that Bear, Clevland and Clevland jr. The story about how he got the spin off is abysmal and most importantly it's freaking Family Guy with blacks! But to be fair Most Spin Offs suck(Joey anyone?) And it was unlikly it was going to be as successful as Family Guy, but that dosen't mean the writers can't try to be creative and mostly Spin Offs are successful because they aren't like the original show I.E. Frasier and The Green Green Grass. The good about this show well The opening theme is catchy, but that's about it.
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