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  • Seth, the people have spoken, your show sucks! So get rid of it, now!

    I always enjoy the works of Seth MacFarlane and love to watch Family Guy or American Dad but when I heard of The Cleveland Show, a spin off of Family Guy, I was a little worried.I know spin-offs are not as good as the show they come from, but I never thought The Cleveland Show would be this bad. The show's characters are blatant rip-offs of Family Guy and they are unlikeable and Cleveland's new friends are just plain stupid. Rallo is easily the worse member of the family, he tries to be this awesome kid, but in reality he's just an annoying baby with an afro that rivals Shafts. Part of the problem is that everyone can understand Rallo whereas in Family Guy, only Brian understood Stewie, and in some episodes, the show breaks the fourth wall and everyone can understand Stewie, but in Cleveland's show, since everyone can understand Rallo, all his humor is just as dry as the rest of the show. Tim the Bear comes off as a big mistake, some people say he's funny but I have not seen him do a funny moment yet and is whatever humor he tries to do is unfunny. Cleveland Brown JR. was a complete disgrace, I know there was a brief back story as to why he's fat, but I liked him when he was as hyper as Speedy Gonzales not when he was like Fat Albert's idiotic and unfunny cousin. Donna is actually the most tolerable of the family, she rips off Louis but she does provide very few funny moments. Roberta is actually a rip off of Hayley from American Dad, she is just as whiny and unlikeable as her counterpart and she even has a boyfriend who looks almost like Jeff Fisher. The rest of the neighbors are boring and provide no comedy whatsoever. There are too few moments of actual comedy and the rest of the comedy is just way too dry, and I like dry humor. All the plots are uninteresting and the side plots are just as unfunny as the main plot. There are times that some Family Guy cast members make a cameo appearance but I think it's because Seth is trying to make the show funny with their appearance but it fails like the rest of the show. I watched through all the episodes of season 1 of this show and see if it got progressively better like American Dad, but it hasn't at all. Some people argue come on let it grow, you know what? No, I gave this show more than enough chances and it hasn't gotten better. Compare this show to American Dad, in season 1 the show wasn't really funny and at season 2, it got funnier. In The Cleveland Show's case, we have begun season two with humor that is still unfunny and characters that are still boring and flat. It's hard to believe that this show canceled the beloved King of the Hill. In the end, this show just fails on many levels, the characters are rip offs and uninteresting, the plots are unoriginal ,the humor is unfunny and whatever funny moments there are they are too far from each other, and it's just a stupid idea. What idiot at FOX is letting this show stay on the air and why? Someone at FOX needs to cancel this show and put King of the Hill back on the air, that show had better comedy and characters than this drek. Even if you are a huge fan of Seth's works this is one show to avoid at all costs, maybe if we don't watch it, it will end. Let's start that trend to end this show.