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  • This show is about as funny as child rape

    At my age, I'm not a huge Seth MacFarlane fan-I used to laugh my ass off when I first saw Family Guy when I was about 12, but it got old really quickly and the show was never really the same to me after it returned, all I can say is it is watchable unlike how stretched out "The Simpsons" has become. American Dad, I found funny as well when it came out and I still enjoy that as well. When this came out I thought "Oh cool another spinoff"-how stupid was that line of thought?

    This show is just a duplicate of "Family Guy" except with Cleveland. All I can say is this show I feel like a bloody animated version of Tyler Perry show-it tries hard to be funny but misses and falls hard on its arse. This show basically has everything "Family Guy" does-minus the comedy-a fat moron father (Peter rubbed off on him), a MILF (only difference is dat ass), a fat moron son, a typical teenage girl, a talking baby, a talking animal (The Bears) and three neighbors to drink with-pretty much the same there. Terrible idea, with even more terrible execution, at least a show that spun-off Quagmire would be something watchable!

    I watch this and really, I feel embarrassed watching it because of how pathetic this show is where it's clear the writers are just scraping the bottom of the barrel with these stupid jokes. None of the characters are really even funny, or have anything funny to contribute. The fact this show replaced "King of the Hill's" timeslot amazes me. I get the impression Seth just makes this, laughing "look at these stupid people watching my show".