The Cleveland Show

Season 4 Episode 16

Who Done Did It?

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 07, 2013 on FOX
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When Arianna The Bear (guest voice Arianna Huffington) is rude to Donna, Cleveland defends her honor by egging Arianna's house. But when Cleveland starts seeking revenge on everyone in Stoolbend, things get out of hand and he's accused of a murder he didn't commit. Meanwhile, in a murder mystery parody, Freight Train (guest voice Craig Robinson), Rallo and Junior try to exonerate Cleveland.moreless
  • Freight Train's Redemption.

    Just when I thought that Cleveland's old man was just a bitter low-life who uses his own son as a scapegoat for his own miserable life, he leads the case to clear him of a murder charge. I guess that Freight Train isn't the bum we make him out to be, which is more that can be said for Robert Tubbs.

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    • (after Waterman and the coroner have been arrested for the murder of Lydia Waterman)
      Waterman: So, what tipped you off?
      Freight Train: That's not a rash on your neck. Those are hickeys. If there's one thing I know, it's hickeys. Ain't that right, Cookie?
      Cookie: You do know a hickey!
      Freight Train: And when your "little buddy" gave you CPR, I figured that's what he was doin'-- Make it look like you had an allergic reaction.
      Cookie: I could go for a hickey right now.
      Freight Train: Shut up, Cookie! (to Waterman) I noticed the hickeys, then I remembered at the morgue, Mr. Coroner here was wearin' distressed-suede ankle boots. Awful expensive shoes on a coroner's salary.
      Rallo: Lotta footwear-related clues in this mystery.
      Junior: And earlier today when we first met him, he was eating a peanut butter sandwich. I know, because I had some.
      Coroner: You son of a bitch!
      Freight Train: (to Waterman) When he was "givin' you CPR", he would've got peanut residue in your mouth, peanuts you supposedly can't be in the same room with! (chortles, then high-fives Junior and Rallo) Oh. There is just one more thing. How did you get the oil into her soup?
      Waterman: (empathetically) A spoon.

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