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The Click List: Best In Short Film

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The Click List: Best in Short Film is a collection of short films with LGBT themes, made by LGBT filmmakers. Originally produced in hour long segments by LOGO with 2-5 aired together, these short films range in subject matter, comedy to drama, silly to heartwarming, from all have a certain sagger to them. Most films feature gay or lesbian characters, and there is truly no holds barred in this vast library of mini movies. From runaway crazy lesbian lovers starting trouble in a roadside diner to junior high love triangles to a good old story of a young boy coming to grips with relationship with his father, while some shorts start off typical, there is nothing run of the mill about these clips, oozing with originality. And the stars do sometimes get involved, such as in the tongue in cheek Goodnight Vagina, starring Cheryl Hines and Gary Cole, about a woman that wants a new vagina. Viewers are given the chance to rate each film, with the top rated films replayed in the final episode is a showcase of excellence. The quality is top notch; you'll laugh, you'll cry, but either way you will certainly enjoy The Click List: Best in Short Film.moreless

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teen angst, young love, Gay & Lesbian, coming out, social issues