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Jennifer Love Hewitt is the star and Executive Producer of this series, based on the 2010 movie. It follows a Texas housewife whose husband has left her with two children to bring up and mounting debt. After taking a job at a spa, she finds all is not quite what it seems and must struggle with living two lives: one as a single mom, trying to provide for her family and another as a businesswoman.


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    Plus: FX strikes a deal with Sacha Baron Cohen, The Client List is dead, and Shane West has a post-Nikita gig.


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    • I love this show.

      The maturity the sexiness of the show made me wish I could live that way. All the time. Yummy show.
    • Please dont cancel The Client List

      This is the best show I have watched in a long time. Please don't cancel. The ratings are better then Devious Maids, in which I do watch both. Lifetime is more interested in reality shows thing anything else. I hope that another network picks up The Client List. Please dont leave us hanging.
    • Well you have a huge client list of people pissed off that you are canceling this show!

      This is one of the best shows I have seen in a good while.. it had everything thing in it to keep us laughing, crying and on the edge of my seat waiting to see what they would be up to next!And Jennifer has so many fans that love her and was glad to have her back into something that was so amazing that I couldn't wait till the next weeks episode to see what was going to happen next with her and her husband and brother n law and especially with the clients and the list! It always gave me something to look forward to! I don't understand just because she got pregnant why it couldn't have been put into the show, not end the show!!!! I think this is a HUGE mistake on all parties involved especially for Jennifer! She is going to lose a lot of loyal and loving fans over this and so is the network for not putting something together for all parties to be happy! I really think that they should reconsider their stupid decision to cancel the show! We all would gladly wait as long as need be just as long as they would bring the show back!!!moreless
    • This can't be it !!!!!!

      can't end like this!!! I want more, what's gonna happen now...

      Please end this in a better way, some one mentioned a wrap up episode, I really hope they're gonna do that...
    • any news about a wrap-up ??

      Will there be a wrap-up of the series?? They can't ended like

      They will do a 2 hour wrap-up of Army Wife early next year. I so deeply hope they will do the same with The Client List....

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