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  • Something new,some things old, mostly blue ;)

    I'm glad to be the first talking about this nice new show ^-^

    I liked the ensemble cast, everyone's quite pleasant.

    The main theme sticks to today's huge worldwide crisis.

    I didn't see the movie from which it's been inspired.

    best quote: "This job's all about flexibility" tadda!!

    JLH's acting has improved a notch & that's alright to me.

    I didn't have any expectations at all concerning this program cuz I had heard nothing about it & I must admit I've been most pleasantly surprised.

    Til then, Riley has had nice customers only but how long til she meets a jackass & becomes totally disgusted by what she has to do for a living???

    The W.... word in Scarlett letters sure has made quite an impression on her :(

    How long will Riley be more a therapist than a massage therapist cuz I'm pretty sure she doesn't have her degree!!

    Anyone else feeling tension with the brother-in-law, even though he blew it off with his harsh "sugar-daddy" comment???(note to self: no hard comments to your lady after several drinks)

    Will definitely be there next week for this soapy show.