The Closer (1998)

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • Season 1
    • My Best Friend's Funeral
      Jack is put on the spot when he is asked to deliver a eulogy for a man whom he barely knew. Outside of their business relationship, Jack knows nothing of the man, but he finds that he just can't refuse the request from the man's widow.
    • The Hand that Rocks the Office
      Jack attempts to relinquish certain office responsibilities in order to have a more balanced life and -- more importantly -- prove to Carrie that he is ready to date again. He puts Bruno in charge of hiring the new office assistant. But in the middle of his plans, Julie suddenly shows up and she's still in love with him. To get her out of the way, Jack gets the lonely Bruno to go out with Julie. Against all odds, Bruno and Julie have great sex, and Julie convinces Bruno to hire her as the new office assistant. However, she turns out to be completely incompetent and everyone hates her.moreless
    • Deep Game
      Deep Game
      Episode 8
      Originally scheduled to air March 9, 1998.
    • Honor Thy Jack
      Honor Thy Jack
      Episode 7
      Bruno's parents come to town to celebrate his birthday — and to persuade him to join the family business.Meanwhile, Dobbs and Beverly experience unusual reactions to what they think are a potential client's herbal vitamins.
    • Baby, It's Cold Outside
    • The Rebound
      The Rebound
      Episode 5
      Jack and his staff try to land a new client with a group of monks who train dogs. Meanwhile, Jack tries to deny that he's on the rebound and aggressively pursues a therapist, Carrie Dover. However, the monks' secretary Susan, goes after Jack when she finds out he single and forces him to a date. Alex tries to set her dad up with her boss Grace, and Alex's strange co-worker Julie also goes after Jack. When Jack and the others are showing the campaign to the monks, all the women show up and all get angry. Jack tries to convince Carrie to still go out with him but she only agrees to be his therapist since he is obviously confused.moreless
    • The Closure
      The Closure
      Episode 4
      Jack and Claire are in the middle of the divorce process but they are treating each other very, very nice - frustrating their lawyers. Jack has what he calls a delayed reaction to the divorce and is depressed. He then bumps into Claire and her date Steve. They start arguing but somehow they end up in bed back at Jack's place. Alex is surprised but her parents insist this was the closure of their marriage. Bruno's pride is on the line when Erica isn't impressed by his copy writing for a chicken ad. The fact that Dobbs seems to prefer Erica's chicken copy makes Bruno even more jealous. Jack tries to date a girl named Connie but instead ends up in bed with Claire - again. Alex worries how the divorce is affecting Jack and brings her snowboarding coach, Christine, to the apartment the set her up with Jack. It's not a big success since Claire is there. Bruno comes with an excellent chicken copy to outclass Erica but she doesn't want the job anyway - she just wanted to be noticed. However, Dobbs recognizes the copy since he made it in 1965 and assures Bruno he's good and doesn't have to steal from others. Jack and Claire sign the divorce papers at last.moreless
    • Dobbs Takes A Holiday
      Troubled by Jack's insensitivity as the gang tries to land a new client, Dobbs quits--leaving the head honcho to make amends. Meanwhile, Beverly and Erica help Alex buy a dress for a formal frat party.
    • Morality Bites
      Morality Bites
      Episode 2
      Jack faces a serious moral dilemma when he takes the account, and agrees to be the spokesman, for a hamburger chain once accused of selling tainted meat.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Jack McLaren works at Colburn & Whitney Advertising. Jack is notorious cynic and a master at closing deals so he's nicknamed 'The Closer'. Jack's staff includes his tough talking assistant Beverly Andolini, copy writer Bruno Verma, and long-term veteran Carl "Dobbs" Dobson. A new accountant, Erica Hewitt, is sent from New York to work for him. However, Erica finds herself unemployed after less than 20 minutes at her new job and so does the other, thanks to Jack: in an attempt to get to handle the coast guard's advertising, Jack has played golf with the President and beaten him. The President gets them all fired, but Jack convinces another company, Cutcher & Willhaven, to hire him and give him a huge salary. He doesn't seem to care about the people he's been working with for years. Jack tries to reconcile with his estranged wife Claire but she's tired of his cynicism and hands him the divorce papers. Jack grows a conscience, buys a small, run-down factory and starts up McLaren & Associates Advertising. None of the others are too impressed by the filthy factory. Jack's rebellious teenage daughter Alex decides to move in with him because she assures him he's a much better father than husband. Erica and the others desperately try to land their first client, Angus Clayton. Clayton is far from satisfied about the pitch: service people popping out of fridges and washing machines and the slogan: "at Clayton's when we sell you a product it's like our service people come home with you". Clayton worries the customers will think he's putting service people in his products. Erica can't understand why he'd want customers that are that stupid, but Clayton is insulted by Erica's "attitude problem" and wants to take his business elsewhere. Jack says he doesn't care: his daughter has told him he's a good father and that's all that matters. Clayton is surprised and becomes a client. Dobbs is surprised to see Jack show emotions but he insists it was just a close.moreless