The Closer

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 03, 2006 on TNT

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  • Brenda and her team get back to investigating the deaths of the rich and the glamorous. We got funny lines, a case with a twist, and another one of Brenda’s personnel crisis.

    Brenda: “Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson, LAPD, party of one.”
    Gabriele: “Well, we have your crime scene ready for you, if you will just step this way.”

    Brenda and her team get back to investigating the deaths of the rich and the glamorous. We got funny lines, a case with a twist, and another one of Brenda’s personnel crisis. Overall it was a fun episode, but it was pretty much by the books, and it ended up just being sort of….bleah.

    There were many red herrings in this episode, to throw us off from the real murderer. First off, her emotionally crazed husband, who for the first half of the episode I was convinced was the killer. Then there was the restaurant owner (John Cleese, bearing a humorous French accent), whose restaurant Karen Beavis left and who she happened to be sleeping with. And last but not least the evil Dennis Dutton, who the team dealt with last year in the episode The Butler Did It. I actually began to suspect it was Tom Newman, the restraint critic around half way through the episode (Why would he so generously make up an alibi for Dennis?). Finally I figure out the killer ahead of time! Tom was very convincing though; he even offered the police help by pointing out that chef’s have their own knives.

    So Brenda receives a huge set of flowers (one of the biggest sets I’ve seen), and begins to act “weirder then usual” as Sgt. Gabriel pointed out. It turns out that Brenda, like many other humans, is self conscious about her age. This just goes to show, that on the outside Brenda may appear hard core and emotionless, but on the inside she really has many vulnerabilities just like everybody else. The ending scene with the team celebrating Brenda’s birthday with her, instead of teasing her about her age, shows just how much the team’s come together since the pilot episode. Good character development.

    It looks like Pope is trying to move in on Brenda every chance he gets. He even brought Brenda her own personnel delivered meal. I’m confident though that Brenda won’t move down that same path she already took. Right Brenda? You won’t right?

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Detective Daniels finally made an appearance today. She’s been strangely absent for the past two episodes. I just noticed today though that she’s not in the opening credits with the rest of the core cast, she comes afterwards in the “also starring” section.

    - Flynn: “Gamon said she was a bossy micromanaging **** but he respected her even though she was stingy on the compliments, I mean you know the type chief.”

    - Once again a case of a character who did some bad actions (sleeping around with half the town, okay I may be exaggerating), but with good intentions (to help her husband.)

    - Fritz knows Brenda so well. He already knew to cancel the dinner date even before she called.

    - Provenza: “Son, I\'m too old to fight you, so if you don\'t drop that knife by the time I count to five I\'m going to shoot you dead. “

    I love having Provenza and Flynn paired up for stakeout missions.

    - Kyra Sedgwick has been nominated for a Emmy as Best Actress In a Drama Series. Congratulations are in order.

    Final Rating: Good episode, but not as good as the past three this season. 2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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