The Closer

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 03, 2006 on TNT



  • Trivia

    • The restaurant L'Amboise is "played" by Hollywood's famous French restaurant L'Orangerie. In operation for nearly 30 years, L'Orangerie is considered to be LA's finest French restaurant, as well as one of its most expensive. Known for its formal French style, it has adapted to American practices to some degree after it was criticized for its practice of giving women menus without prices, even when business women hosted business meals.

    • Brenda celebrates her 40th birthday in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Brenda: Last night, after her husband left, Karen stayed late to do the books. She made a lovely dinner for two, and then something went terribly wrong. And this is the woman with whom you were having an affair.
      LaSalle: The "affair" as you are referring to it, was four years ago and lasted maybe six weeks. And if Paul knew about it, it certainly didn't prevent him from coming to work for me.
      Brenda: Are you saying you hired him while you were carrying on with his wife?
      LaSalle: No. She stopped "carrying on" with me the day after I gave Paul the job. I'm certain it was the only reason she slept with me to begin with, stupid cow. Well, so what. Who cares. Life goes on. But this notion that Karen was cooking up a romantic late-night dinner for two is absurd because the woman could barely (knocks table) crack an egg.

    • Pope: Karma's a b----, and her name is Estelle.

    • Brenda: Det. Sanchez, you interviewed the Spanish-speaking employees?
      Sanchez: Si, mi jefe. Kitchen staff, mostly.
      Brenda: Did they say anything about Chef Paul?
      Sanchez: Drinks too much, needs a keeper, last week threw a half-cooked duck at his wife, but he missed, so they think that he loved her.

    • Flynn: Bernard, the sauci-er said she was polite but firm.
      Provenza: (whispering, pronouncing correctly) Saucier
      Flynn: Gamon, the sommy-liar ...
      Provenza: (whispering, pronouncing correctly) Sommelier
      Flynn: ... said that she was a bossy, micromanaging b----, but he respected her even though she was stingy on the compliments. You know the type, Chief.

    • Daniels: He's the chef. The "Paul" in Chez Paul, and he wants in.

    • Brenda: Her lip is swollen. Is that from the fall?
      Provenza: No. Whoever did this probably started with a punch to the mouth.
      Brenda: I wonder what she was saying.

    • Brenda: Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, L.A.P.D. Party of one.
      Gabriel: Well, we have your crime scene ready for you if you'll just step right this way.

    • Fritz: You see? Turning 40 isn't so bad. It all depends on how you view life in general. Is the glass half full, or half empty?
      Brenda: What glass?
      Fritz: (chuckling) That's my girl.

    • Provenza: Guess she didn't get her wish.
      Flynn: How do you know?
      Provenza: 'Cause you're still here.

    • Buzz: (to Provenza) She said not to touch her flowers.
      Provenza: I'm not touching her flowers, I'm touching the basket. She didn't say anything about leaving the basket alone, now did she? (opens card on flowers)
      Buzz: Now you're reading her card.
      Provenza: Shut up, Buzz. Do you see a stamp? She's been a nutjob ever since these flowers arrived and I want to know why. (Provenza looks at the card and gives a low whistle) This also explains why she's off sugar. (Reading card aloud) "Happy Birthday. You're 40 years young and I love you. Fritz."

    • LaSalle: You must know I intend to press charges against the police.
      Brenda: Well, Mr. LaSalle, my detectives certainly wish they hadn't hurt you in the process of saving your life.
      Provenza: (In the electronics room) Yeah, we're all broken up about it.

    • (Flynn and Provenza are trying unsuccessfully to get Chef Paul to drop the knife he has against a restaraunt owner's throat)
      Provenza: Son, I am too old to fight you, so if you don't put that knife down by the time I count to five, I'm going to shoot you dead. One... Two...
      Chef Paul Make him confess first!
      Provenza: I don't negotiate. Four...
      (Chef Paul drops the knife, after which the restaraunt owner tries to attack both Chef Paul and Flynn, causing Flynn to knock him out)
      Provenza: We should have shot 'em both.

    • Brenda: (to Gabriel and Sanchez) What about Lt. Provenza? Have we heard anything from him? Or has Chef Paul done anything incriminating like walkin' around Hollywood wavin' a knife in the air saying "Hey there! I killed my wife! Who wants to be next?"

    • Brenda: I know you wanted to take me out to a restaurant, but I just...I really don't think I'm in the mood...
      Fritz: It's all right. I already canceled the reservation.
      Brenda: You did? When?
      Fritz: A little after you got called in this morning. You are calling to cancel, right?

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: May 1, 2007 on Prima

    • In a rather humorous scene, Provenza suffers as Flynn grossly mispronounces the French names of three kitchen/restaurant positions. In a modern kitchen, a team of chefs work in stations with a specific heirarchy, each with a different responsibility. The entry level position is the garde manger, who is responsible for all salads, food served cold, and some hot foods such as soups, which demands the greatest range of cooking skills. The saucier is responsible for sauteed items and sauces, a much more advanced position. The sommelier is the restaurant's wine steward, who serves the wine to patrons.

    • This episode seems to be the first in the series to employ any significant on-screen input from Det. Daniels, including a brief exchange with Chief Johnson in the ladies room.

  • Allusions

    • Dutton: If you want to talk about old unsolved murders, I'll put you in touch with my new attorney...

      This is a throwback to the Season 1 episode "The Butler Did It," in which we first meet Dennis Dutton. In that episode, his longtime attorney was found to have committed double homicide, which concerned the affairs of Dutton and his siblings.

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