The Closer

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on TNT

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  • Elevator confession

    This episode was so exciting and fast paced as well. It seemed like one minute I was like yes the closer is coming on and then they were getting shot at and then it was Grr. commercials and then everything just zoomed by and Brenda was telling her parents that she and Fritz were engaged! It was so exciting to watch!

    I loved Brenda's parents! It was so great to see her father joking with Fritz because he was like seriously afraid and that just made it so much better! I loved seeing Brenda's mother trying to get all the information out of Roy and Chad about the shooting. It was cute to see that Brenda didn't want her parents to worry about her and then Fritz coming to find out what had happened while she was in the shower and freaking out when she told him she'd been shot at was just brilliant. I loved seeing Provenza being in charge of the squad. It was great to see Brenda all ready to do the interviews and then realizing that she was not allowed to participate in the investigation. Pope was annoying though. I hated him and Brenda together well I just didn't like when they were together. He had to make it way too clear to her that she couldn't work and it was annoying because last week's she didn't get to get her confession and now she wasn't allowed to work. I just found Brenda having to sneak around to work annoying. I did love Brenda trying to get Gabriel to take her to the crime scene in the beginning. The confession in the elevator was awesome too!

    I didn't really like Brenda with the Shrink at the beginning. Settings like that freak me out and it was so obvious that Brenda didn't want to be there.

    This was a very amazing episode I liked that the guy that got killed wasn't really all that he appeared to be. And I liked that Chief Johnson wasn't really the one that the shooter wanted!