The Closer

Season 2 Episode 1

Blue Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 12, 2006 on TNT

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  • will Kitty like Fritz as a roommate??

    Wow – this was a cool idea – cop down and having priority murder take over. Once again I am glad that Brenda stood by what she knew was right even though all of LAPD (including her boss) was yelling at her to move the body. I get that it is a respect thing, but it is also a crime scene as well. Poop Pope – still caught up about Brenda and Fritz so called that he was going to ask her out again. Glad that he did as it seemed to help Brenda make up her mind about Fritz moving in. How cute.
  • A great episode to start the season off with.One of my favorites for sure.It is great,great,great!

    They could not have come up with a better episode then this one to star this season off.And even with so many new things going on it was not at hard to follow at all.And there is no way you could have missed her trying to cut out the sugar.But how sad for the little boy at the end even though they did give the father a break kind of it was still sad.Because in a way you really understood the why's and the what for.And the romance between Det.Daniels and Det.Gabrielle.Cheif Johnson caught it right off.I am looking forward to watching the re-run of it on Labor day.
  • What a great episode to start another season

    This episode was great, filled with twists and turns and underlying stories. I was so upset last fall when there were no more episodes to watch, this episode is a great example as to why. The developing relationship with Fitz is a great way to add interest to the series. He is a great character and I hope that this is an example of what to expect for the entire season.

    Even those who missed last season can jump right into this one. The writers have done a great job to make this as easy to follow as a pilot.
  • ‘The Closer' is back and better then ever. This episode did a good job of mixing Brenda's humorous personnel struggles with the heaviness of her case. And Brenda once again came out on top.

    Capt. Leahy: Ma'am, I want you to note that you're using your investigation to smear Tim Martin's reputation, and in this department, that's just not the way we play ball.

    Brenda: Well captain, if you don't like the way I'm doing things here, you're free to take your balls and go straight home.

    Brenda showed major guts today, standing up to all of the LAPD. The case this week was a little bit hard to follow, with so many names being thrown out. But by the end of the episode, everything got cleared up in time for a plot twist as usual.

    The writers once again threw us off track on the case. All signs pointed to Detective Xavier and yet it turned out to be Hubbard, the one we had just began sympathizing with. The whole plot with Hubbard and his son was very well written. One of the reasons I love this show is that none of the characters are just plain black or white. Hubbard committed murder and yet he was doing it because of his love for his son. Very realistic of life, not everyone is just good or evil.

    Brenda's uneasiness with Fritz, and deciding whether to let him move in with her or not, contrasted with her professional life. Brenda's excuses, such as he could never answer the phone (it might be her mother calling), were pretty lame and I'm glad in the end she decided for it. Can I tell you how much I love though, that such a hard ass police officer like Brenda is afraid to let her mother find out she has a man living with her. The fact that Brenda is still scared of her mother is too funny, and I think the writers have done a good job at balancing the comedy and the drama in this premiere.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Brenda has now outlawed sweets in the office, much to the other officer's protests. It looks like she's trying to stick to her new diet. Let's see how long that lasts.

    - Detective Flynn provided some more double entendres and I loved that it took Brenda a few seconds to get them.

    (Regarding the sweets ban)

    Flynn: "Well, can I eat nuts in here?"

    Brenda: "Are your nuts sweet?"

    Flynn: "No… their salty."

    Brenda: "Well then that answers your question."

    The devious smile on Flynn's face, when Brenda finally understood his implication, was priceless.

    - Looks like a new love triangle is forming between Pope, Brenda, and Fritz.

    Final Rating: 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • They don\'t beat around the bush now do they? From the get go of the episode they were back in the thick of getting as many people upset as they could ...

    Welcome back guys! I loved it! I have been looking forward to the return of The Closer and I was NOT disappointed. This was a fantastic episode to start of the season. The character developments made in the first episode give us all something to look forward to this season, and it is good to see Brenda showing much more confidence than at the end of last season - she tended to fall into silence on occasion and then would bring it up at the end - this time around, she would say it when it mattered - Girl Power Rules! Keep up the good work!
  • Excellent, Intriguing, Funny

    HAH, I did not watch this show last season, I'm not sure why, I don't think I knew about it. Anyway, I'm glad I decided to pick it up this season. The show is phenom!! Kyra does such a good job as Brendy, the plot is clever, the writing witty. The whole thing flows together so well.

    I'm really looking forward to the storyline developing between Pope, Brenda, and Fritz. I love Fritz.

    The only problem that I have is it seems to be relatively easy to figure out who done it. Although, with this eppy I was a bit surprised that it was Hubbard.

    I hope the writers keep up the good work. :)

    Nutshell: I love it, i'm sorry I missed the first season.
  • Good...but...

    This episode was wonderful...just as I remembered the show. Except, I was confused until about ten minutes before the show ended. There were a lot of names being thrown around, different cases being talked about- I think they should have waited to put this show on so viewers could get acclimated to the cast and what was going on with them at the end of last season (assuming they, like me, didn't watch the marathons TNT had on). But kudos to the writers for the detailed story.

    With that aside, they did jump into the the story pretty well. A cop is found dead next to a suspect in a case. It is ver interesting to see who killed them both- they did not kill each other.

    Brenda's food issues are funny, but they did overdo it last night.

    I think she was a little harsh with Hubbard (the dead cop's ex-partner), but in the end, after the case was solved...took some pity on him.

    I didnt know or remember Pope and Brenda had was funny to see him asking her to dinner- hopefully for Brenda's sake, she didn't factor into his impending divroce.

    All in all I am excited for the new season.

  • Oh, she's back baby. :D

    If Central cooperated with the Priority Homicide Division the way they should, they'd know what they were up against and Hubbard would've been two blazing tire marks by the 40-minute mark.

    But they didn't. And he wasn't.

    And the mystery wasn't the main point of the piece anyway.

    Welcome to Season 2 of "The Closer," where the team is going to start developing a little bit more. As Brenda said, she's got a good team going and we're going to learn a little bit more about it.

    First, tho, the mystery. Hubbard did it. I was convinced it was him when she was talking to him in the hallway. Yes, the show was playing fair. Yes, it looked like Xavier was done for. He'd been menacing his exgirlfriend, he'd been an uncooperative jerk generally while the investigation was going on, he'd not been grieving overmuch for Martin -- he looked like a good candidate for the bad guy.

    But the nature and trajectory of Brenda's interrogatory style is becoming familiar. That isn't to say it's gotten old. Far from it. There is a sharp and agile mind at work behind those pretty eyes of hers, and it never fails to impress.

    But she dives into a problem and figures it out and they telegraph just a little bit too much. Perhaps with a less complicated problem it wouldn't all come down to one detail or another, and the whole of the mystery would be in play throughout.

    And it's not like I had the first clue as to [i]why[/i] Hubbard was the bad guy (his son Charlie was the world's most adorable little cueball, btw), so motive was a nice reveal, and her handling of him was perfect.

    Side note: I don't know where else to put this, but I really enjoyed the honor and dignity of the opening scene. The placing of the lapel pins, the corridor, the emotion. Very nicely expressed and well done.

    Anyway, large and complicated and conflict-ridden as this case was -- I do like her in an awkward place with the Powers That Be because she's just so damn capable of making them look like fools when they underestimate her -- the main point was the personalities. GO!

    [b]Pope-Brenda-Fritz:[/b] With Estelle floating out of the picture Brenda's old feelings for Pope could easily have been expected to surface. Sadly for him -- or, thinking about it, maybe just as well -- she's focused her heart on Fritz. She was so close to saying yes all through their lunch together in terms of moving in together, and Pope's perhaps ill-timed attempt to move in on her -- especially with the case she'd just closed -- brought her 'round to Fritz' way of thinking.

    I like them together. She needs someone to take care of her because in her personal life, she's in a zillion different directions. Pope couldn't be that person for her, and it'd get really awkward around the office if he tried.

    Now watch -- this decision of hers is the starting point to the complete relational breakdown between her and Fritz that sends her sailing across to Pope's arms -- or Gabriel's.

    Stranger things have happened. One of the things I most love about this show is it keeps you guessing.

    Speaking of Gabriel ... GO!

    [b]Gabriel and Daniels:[/b] They had a thing awhile back that Martin tromped in on. Which is sad, because Gabriel seems like a really nice guy. But until I saw Daniels in Brenda's office, I hadn't really seen a lot of interaction between the only two women in the squad. I've wondered, vaguely, what Daniels' deal is but I always figured they'd get to that.

    I can't believe for a second she's on Priority Homicide because she once had a thing with Gabriel a zillion years ago that they both seem to be over but which also seems to have ended uncomfortably. I'm looking forward to really getting to know how it is that she contributes.

    Next up ... [b]Buzz v. Sanchez.[/b] GO!

    That was a really uncomfortable moment for me when Buzz was taking charge of his space. Not because he did, because from my perspective he has to live there -- and yay, allowing him to speak up. The most we've heard out of him up until now is last season when Provenza wanted to monitor Brenda's smoochfest with Fritz.

    What was uncomfortable about it is that for Sanchez, Buzz wasn't just taking control of his own space. Sanchez' eyes got really dark and his expression got cold and he told Buzz to "relax." I didn't think it was just a reaction to Buzz saying he wasn't their maid. Something's going on there.

    Again, these interactions are either natural progressions of what we've seen going on in S1 or trace more development from otherwise undefined quantities not in any real way touched on before now.

    Naturally I [i]loved[/i] [b]Provenza and Flynn[/b] in Vegas. As soon as I heard she was sending those two I knew we were in for exactly that scene. I like that Provenza and Flynn each have a healthy contempt for each other and yet they work together.

    Oh, hell, I just love any scene with Provenza in it. He's just so damn cool. :D

    Skating right past any commentary Brenda might have on Flynn's nuts for the moment, I noticed last season that she was distracted by any manner of snack food that floated through the main office, and she's taken control of the space (to a certain extent). Her relationship with food is one of the most longing of any character on television and her self-control is generally astonishing (and when it isn't, darn it all to heck I [i]want[/i] her to enjoy an eclair). :D

    I love when she's on the phone with her mom, I love her discomfort with Fritz (who gets her so discombobulated) and her incredible capability when it comes to the job she's been hired to do -- incredible because while she is an almost supernatural interrogator, in all other aspects of her life, she is indeed hopeless.

    And lovably so.

    Welcome back, Brenda.

    We have missed you. :)
  • Don\'t mess with Brenda!

    Words to crooks, other police rivals, and the feds IMO
    Don\'t mess with Brenda or she will not be one
    Happy lady. The show will dive into her personal life as
    Well as her professional life. She decides to move in with
    Her FBI boyfriend while the now divorced Chief Pope has his
    Eyes set on her. While they are dealing with the murder of
    A police officer, which goes from professional to personal in this wonderful episode!
  • Once again, Brenda tramples the toes of the brass while trying to get to the truth! This time it\'s the thin blue line, with some twists. Splendidly done!!

    The episode can be summarized in the interaction between Brenda and Capt. Leahy, her nemesis-of-the day:

    Capt. Leahy: Ma\'am. I want to note you\'ve used your investigation to smear Tim Martin\'s reputation, and in this department, that\'s just not the way we play ball.

    Brenda: Well, captain, if you don\'t like the way I\'m doin\' things, you\'re free to take your balls and go straight home.

    The \"sugar fix\" scenes add some welcome levity, while the \"romances\" provide a welcome distraction from the heaviness of the plot.
    I have to fill this out with 14 more words to reach the minimum, so...made it.

  • A dead cop is found in a warehouse; Brenda decides whether or not to let Fritz move in; and Pope deals with a divorce.

    Excellent episode. The show has obviously lost none of it\'s spark from last season.

    I thought the revealing of the killer was surprising, which is normally the case with this show. I thought it was going to be Det. Xavier all the way up until the DNA test came back. But the whole thing with Hubbard and his son? Very well written.

    On another note, I will be really interested how long Brenda stays with this \"no processed sugar\" policy, and was pleasantly surprised when she dumped the second doughnut in the trash can.

    All in all, another strong episode for one of the best shows on television.
  • Brenda deals with a cop being murdered and his division giving her a hard time on it; also Fritz wants to move in with her and Cheif Pope is getting divorced and he has an eye on Brenda.

    This was a good episode. It showed just how much the show had grown from last season. I was dispointed about the whole Pope coming on to Brenda thing. Also, this episode was a little confusing...with so many names. But I do give the writers "props" for such a complicated story. It was a little predictable but good. It made me laugh at Brenda's anti-sugar craze. Let's see how long that lasts. I've missed this show so much, and I'm glad the season started this way. I can't wait until next week when her mother comes to visit. That might shake things up. Anyway, good episode but I'll probably have to re-watch it.