The Closer

Season 2 Episode 1

Blue Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 12, 2006 on TNT



  • Quotes

    • Hubbard: (agitated) I'm his father! Charlie's my son! I taught him how to walk! And I taught him how to read! And I taught him... I've been with him through seven surgeries and 38 procedures! And where was the great Tim Martin when it mattered, huh? Huh? Where was he? When Charlie's life was on the line? Where was he? Where was Tim Martin?
      Brenda: I don't know, Det. Hubbard. But I know where he is now. I saw his brains splattered all over the floor of an abandoned warehouse while his body was being eaten by flies, and I can't help but think you may have overreacted.
      Hubbard: You can't. You can't tell Charlie about him, this, you won't do that.
      Brenda: I can and I will.
      Taylor: Hey, hey, hey. Write it all down and we'll get you a deal from the D.A.
      Brenda: You can wear a bracelet and stay with Charlie until his illness...resolves itself.