The Closer

Season 2 Episode 1

Blue Blood

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 12, 2006 on TNT



  • Quotes

    • Provenza: Gimme $100.
      Flynn: I already gave you $100.
      Provenza: You're way up.
      Flynn: So what? You know where the ATM is. Besides, I say we cash in.
      Provenza: Fine, fine, fine, we'll cash in. (grabs Ari) C'mon, Ari. You're cashing in, too.
      Ari: Hey, don't touch me. (looking at Provenza's shirt) Who the hell are you, anyway?
      Flynn: LAPD. We're here to give you a lift home.
      Ari: Put that away, you stupid... look, I'm not leaving. And you can't do anything to me here anyway.
      Provenza: Oh really? Hey! Hey everybody! Listen up! I wanna tell you about my friend Ari here.
      Ari: Hey! Shut up, you idiot, you're gonna get me killed!
      Flynn: Hey moron, now imagine us doing that, only on television, and all your cousin's friends find out that you're a snitch.
      Provenza: (shoving all of Ari's chips to the center) And don't forget to tip the dealer.
      Flynn: Let's go.

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