The Closer

Season 3 Episode 10

Culture Shock

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2007 on TNT

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  • I felt so bad for Fritz

    I loved Brenda just leaving Fritz with her parents the entire time! It was so amusing to watch him get all frustrated with her. Her parents were incredibly amusing to watch though, but they were annoying and you wanted them to leave at the same time. I loved when her mother thought that she and Fritz might have been getting married because she was pregnant and Brenda freaking out about her early onset menopause was so incredibly emotional.

    Brenda's mother was so great giving the squad pictures and fudge. And I absolutely loved Willie Rae insulting Provenza for not being a captain, but not really insulting him. It was just so amusing to watch. I loved how her parents announced her engagement to Fritz to the entire squad and Pope. It was brilliant to watch all of their reactions and congratulations. I also loved Chief Pope yelling at Brenda in front of her parents it was so funny to see him all flustered about that.

    The team making the constant cracks about Gabriel's relationship with Daniels was so annoying. I just wanted them to let it go already. The case they were working on wasn't all that interesting. I really didn't expect the father in law though. I was with Provenza and Flynn I really thought it was her husband. The fact that she was sleeping with the one guy because she owed him for bringing her to America was something that just seemed to be in there to create extra controversy and make you believe the husband had more of a reason to kill her. The tour bus thing wasn't that great with it having the extra prostitution income.

    The end at the doctors was great. The look on Brenda's face when the doctor wanted her to cut down on her sugar intake was priceless. I wanted to hit her mother though as she kept butting in.

    This was a decent episode but not by far the best of this season.