The Closer

Season 3 Episode 6

Dumb Luck

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 23, 2007 on TNT

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  • I loved Buzz pretending to be Tao!

    It was so funny to see Brenda and Provenza working together more because the rest of the team had to do the Weapons of Mass Destruction training. I loved how stressed out Brenda was and how Fritz was all worried about her and taking her to the doctor and all it was cute. I loved hearing Brenda telling Fritz that Provenza was too old for the WMD training!

    I loved how Brenda had to work with everyone while they had all their suits on and how she had to use the walkie talkies. I loved how she switched Buzz and Tao too it was hilarious!! I hated the guy that had to supervise the training though I really wanted to punch him!! I loved how Brenda tricked him by taking the batteries out of the walkie talkie!

    I really didn't like Kenny the valet guy. His toothbrush obsession was totally whacked!! He was a little freaky!!

    I loved Brenda and Pope! They were amusing! I loved how she was near tears when he threatened her about the teams training! It was so cute to hear her yelling at him for that threat and complaining that she was sick!

    I really enjoyed this episode but I hated that we didn't find out what was wrong with Brenda though!
  • Very good show!

    Again a very good show as the team solve the
    Murder of a personal trainer. As their suspect is
    The short-fused husband who's wife was having an affair with the victim. As the timid parking lot attendant with OCD seems to be the only witness. Meanwhile, the feds think the PHD needs to undergo training for anti-terrorism in order to secure a federal grant.
  • nicee.

    i really liked this episode. very comedic, especially in the blonde womans case. the whole thing where she admitted to killing the guy because she wasnt going to be charged for trying to kill her husband was hilarious. also the floss thing was soo funny. the ladys like i think i should call him and see if i can get my money back for not killing my husband on tuesday the 25. then brendas team needs training which was ruining her investigation, but they get it done when a fight breaks out. haha, he's adopted. and brenda wasnt feeling well, so something is definately gonna happen. it was funny though when she gave the doctor a magizine and made him waith.
  • Comedy chaos reigns which is good time for all.

    Only this show manages to mix flat-out comedy with the police drama so well. The entire thing of the Haz Mat suits was just terrific with Brenda finding out about the deal to put them in anti-terror and naturally upset about it ("Sgt. Gabriel, even under that ridiculous suit and face-hiding helmet, you are a terrible liar!"). I loved Provenza watching them bumble around with an amused look as he did his own job.

    The case itself was already whacky with the OCD witness going nuts for his dental floss and Brenda's figuring it all out was well done. The wife has to be the dumbest suspect the show has ever had before and the wild brawl in the squad room was just classic (seeing Taylor trip the whole group onto the floor and the fire extinguishers come out had me howling). The bits of Brenda's doctor visits were a bit much but I liked her almost crying as the chaos comes in, showing the wild way she works and which is why we love her and this show so well.
  • PHD and Bomb Squad...

    So the whole HazMat thing was really funny. I loved how they all showed up and Brenda was on the ground next to the body. This is the second time that she has been sick in three seasons. The first time she was a bit under the weather she had a little pregnancy scare, I was a bit surprised that it was not mentioned again, like it would have in real life, but I guess in TV once that joke has been played it is over. I liked the fact that Fritz like dragged the doctor to their house and loved it even more when she went into her room and was like I’ll get to you in a moment.