The Closer

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2005 on TNT

Episode Recap

Brenda's having a slow start this particular morning...she ignored the alarm and missed the three cell phone calls from Sgt. Gabriel because she had the phone set on vibrate. Once she gets the phone, she gets directions to the latest crime scene, a psychiatrist's office, where a Dr. Rainey is found strangled and bludgeoned to death.

Brenda is particularly disturbed that Lt. Provenza and Det. Sanchez are perusing through Rainey's files and appointment book. Brenda tells them that doctor/patient privilege is sacrament, and tells them to go through the evidence that is perusable.

At Parker Center, Lt. Tao tells the team that Rainey was a part of a clinical trial that Curon Pharmaceuticals was running on a new drug used to help teenagers kick drugs. Lt. Flynn asks why they aren't looking through the patient files; Brenda tells him that they are not - "with a capital N" - going through the files. When Lt. Flynn suggests having the court appoint a special master to peruse the files, Brenda stonewalls him and sends him to dump the phones. She gets Daniels to investigate a family whose son died as a result of the trials, Lt. Tao to learn more about the trial, Lt. Provenza to call up Curon for reasons why there might be problems, and the rest for various other tasks.

Lt.Flynn is not giving up; he goes to Pope, who explains that Brenda is a little gunshy about going through the files because she got nailed in an ethics investigation back in Atlanta. He tells Lt. Flynn that he'll broach the subject with her and to get the paperwork started on the special master process. Pope also asks him to keep mum about the ethics investigation, which of course sends Flynn's mouth into high gear; He proceeds to tell the entire team about with glee.

Brenda talks with Dr. Jerome, another psychiatrist who was involved in the study, and learns that there were massive repercussions to stopping the trial because of the wrongful death lawsuit, at least for Curson labs, who's got their founder and CEO in her office threatening to have her for breakfast if she interferes in his clinical trial.

Brenda also gets an interesting request from go through Lt. Flynn's request for the special master. Brenda takes Flynn into her office and tells him that unless the sun decides to explode, she's not taking his suggestion. Instead, she wants him to go get as many of the kids from the trial as they can identify. Flynn becomes infuriated and starts looking through files on Brenda, determined to know what the investigation was about.

Brenda takes Sgt. Gabriel to see the Hammonds, the family whose son died during the trials, and learns that once the son was taken off the medication, he spiraled, which resulted in his death.

Once they return to the Parker Center, they find that Flynn and the rest have been mildly successful in their efforts to get trial subjects. One of the subjects tells them he was angry with Rainey because he was hindering his business as a dealer; another, Gretchen, was telling them how she was doing great on the drug, getting back on track and dating, though Rainey wouldn't approve of her latest boyfriend. Brenda views these with Dr. Jerome, who tells her that these two were on opposite ends of the trial.

Flynn continues his mission, leaking Brenda's ethics investigation to the press and causing quite a scandal. Meanwhile, Brenda gets more bad news when she gets a phone call telling her that Gretchen has lapsed into a coma.

Once Brenda and Sgt. Gabriel get to the hospital, her parents are frantic and Curson's CEO is still threatening legal action against the department and the squad. Brenda begins to piece the puzzle together and has the doctors check Gretchen's panels again, and to everyone's surprise, it seems she was on the placebos, causing the same reaction in her as in the Hammond boy. Brenda suddenly has it pieced together, and needs Pope's help... signing an authorization for a wire and releasing a crime scene, Rainey's office. Pope can't grasp why she would give up the files that could solve the case, but Brenda tells him that they will do just fine with the files unopened.

Pope then gives Flynn the authorization, and tells him that he knows he's trying to cause a rift between Brenda and her team, and also promises to have his stripes if he leaks information to the press again. He tells Flynn that once everything's wired, he is to take the night off and let the squad do their job.

Brenda, meanwhile, is busy tangling with Curson's CEO and Dr. Jerome, both of whom are arguing over continuing the trial. The CEO threatens both Jerome and Brenda to no avail, and Brenda lets Jerome know that Gretchen is doing okay and that Rainey's office is about to be released.

That night, Jerome goes into Rainey's office, just as Brenda expected. She confronts him about the reason he killed Rainey, which was because he was sleeping with Gretchen. How many more teenage girls has he been sleeping with, she wonders? Jerome first tries to deny it, then admits to only Gretchen, then bellows that the other girls come to him, he never seduces them, all for Sgt. Gabriel and Det. Sanchez to hear in stereo.

Later that night, Brenda is talking to Fritz, who she blew off earlier in the week. Trying to get a handle on where their relationship is going, he doesn't want to push her. He has heard about the ethics investigation, and Brenda tells him that she was suspected of sleeping with a superior officer. The case fell through because the charges had no merit, but Brenda does admit she was attracted to the officer in question. Unfortunately, Lt. Provenza has heard all of this because she forgot to turn her wire off!