The Closer

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2005 on TNT

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  • Wonderfull episode.

    I thought that this was a wonderful episode. We learned a little more about Brenda. The more I learn about Brenda, the more I like her. I really enjoy the way she works and talks to the suspects. Brenda and Fritz make out on her couch. I really like Brenda and Fritz together. They make an awesome couple. I felt sorry for the teen girl who went into a coma because her boyfriend, who just happens to be her psychiatrist, gave her the placebo, which caused her to have a seizure. Unfortanately, she will never wake up. Brenda does a wonderful job busting the guy.
  • drugs are bad...

    How many friggin’ cases does Brenda have to get right and get a confession out of before her team starts to trust her?? It seems like they just do not like her personally and they are holding it against her professionally. I wish that Pope would have done more to punish Flynn then just a warning – we all know that never works. And I also wished he would have fessed up and told Brenda that he knew who the leak was. Oh well – one more case solved – maybe the team will start to respect her a bit more each time.
  • I hope Buzz gets the boot really soon!

    Buzz is the mole inside of the Barn as they call it
    As he is playing both sides and I agree with one person
    That he needs to go or else he will be locked up along with those that he locked up himself
    Brenda's past comes back to haunt her in a big way
    Again GW Bailey brings out the comic relief in a sometimes grim show.
  • Pope... I'm hoping that Pope gets his butt canned soon. He's trying to be everyone's buddy and playing all sides, when he should be the supervisor.

    Flynt is a conniving jerk. Yeah, Brenda just kept going on as if she hadn't heard his suggestion, but he should have gone to her after to explain his reasoning. If he had done that, she might have been more willing to rationally discuss his idea. As it was, she totally shot him down because he had gone over her head. But because Pope was being all buddy buddy, he told Flynt about an ethics inquiry into Brenda... which he immediately brings to the department and leaks to the press. I can't believe that they're still keeping the squad alienated from Brenda!!! But Gabriel needs to grab some balls and choose a side. I think that if he firmly sided with Brenda, a lot of the squad would follow. But he waffles. But there was a total make-out scene between Brenda and Fritz at the end! Hooray!!!
  • What if there was a drug that helped teen dope addicts go straight? What if the researcher of this drug ends up dead? Who could possibly straighten it all out? Brenda Johnson.

    This show is all about Kyra Sedgwick's character, Brenda Johnson. If I ever get brutally murdered with a telephone headset,I hope some detective like her figures out it was my uncle's cousin's third girlfriend's father by analyzing a video tape and reading text messages. Having said that, it felt like it took her longer to get to the point in this one. Not too long, but just enough longer that she appears human. Thus far, Detective Johnson has shown herself to be an extremely effective interrogator. The crooks have no chance once they sit down with her. I am really starting to look forward to her chewing up and spitting out the bad guys each week.

    On the guest star front, the always on target John DeLancie spices up this episode.
  • I'd hate to ever be trying to keep a secret from this woman.

    I never know how she does it. All the information is revealed in interviews, and yet this character, Chief Brenda Lee Johnson, sifts and sorts and -- combined with her dead-on instincts and "aggressive optimism" -- comes up with dead-on conclusions and confrontations with suspects that are first rate.

    All the while surrounded by a not especially friendly office staff.

    Flynn was the focus of the evil-doing this week -- him and the dirty-old-man. Digging for dirt on Brenda is not an especially productive use of his time. Tracking it through the local papers had to be time-consuming, and anyway wouldn't have been as lurid as her personnel file, which if he had the resources to be a part of the "PMS-Squad" he should've been able to get his hands on, sealed or not.

    It's interesting that the word "exonerated" wasn't part of one of the headlines they found, but hey, it's convenient for them to paint the press as corrupt, I'll forgive them a good story because it probably happens -- though not so often as is suggested in the show.

    Taking the interviews with the kids rather than rifle through the victim's sealed files (and her reasoning on that was wonderful -- if they were so important, why where they still there) -- sealed files that could get a conviction thrown out -- was cool. Brenda forcing them to actually do their jobs was cool. What they came up with was cool and the way the story unfolded was *especially* cool. She has such an intuitive eye -- I really love how she's written. She's very smart about what she does, but she's still a bit out of her depth with moving, with men, with makeovers and with finding her way around town.

    I just love the writing generally, especially in this episode -- "You're like a convention of dentists at a strip club!" she scolded while they were ogling 16-year-old flesh. I loved the characters and their interactions -- it's becoming easier to see where the split in that office is regarding loyalties. And Pope's confrontation with Flynn was cool.

    Also, the fact that when people started questioning her integrity, Brenda didn't get huffy or defensive. She sailed right above it. That was pure class.

    And now Gabriel knows about her "in" with the FBI. Interesting.

    I enjoyed how the text-messaging was used in the collar, and I *loved* seeing John deLancie ("Q"!