The Closer

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2005 on TNT

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  • Pope... I'm hoping that Pope gets his butt canned soon. He's trying to be everyone's buddy and playing all sides, when he should be the supervisor.

    Flynt is a conniving jerk. Yeah, Brenda just kept going on as if she hadn't heard his suggestion, but he should have gone to her after to explain his reasoning. If he had done that, she might have been more willing to rationally discuss his idea. As it was, she totally shot him down because he had gone over her head. But because Pope was being all buddy buddy, he told Flynt about an ethics inquiry into Brenda... which he immediately brings to the department and leaks to the press. I can't believe that they're still keeping the squad alienated from Brenda!!! But Gabriel needs to grab some balls and choose a side. I think that if he firmly sided with Brenda, a lot of the squad would follow. But he waffles. But there was a total make-out scene between Brenda and Fritz at the end! Hooray!!!