The Closer

Season 7 Episode 17

Fool's Gold

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2012 on TNT

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  • I can' t disagree

    The last two shows (the first show really sucked!) were not the finest hour for the closer. I'm disappointed the writers could not do a better job. If you look at the trailers for the new show you can assume who the leak is. Again, it's too late because the episodes have probably been shot; however, please let the show end with some class.
  • Fools' writing...

    Man, was this bad.

    And I say that as a fan of the show of many years.

    While we could have had a fast-moving, story-arc-stirring ep, we instead got an unfunny filler. This close to the end? Really?

    Gold reminded me of the "funny" episodes of Monk. Impossible to take the main character seriously because of all the "humor" about.

    The yardsticks for cop humor are Barney Miller and Hill Street, and the Gold episode of The Closer... not even close.

    For me, this will be like the "Across The Sea" episode of Lost. It won't ruin what's good about the series, but, especially given the episode's timing, will surely diminish it.
  • Clouseau

    Reg Rogers was hilarious as Jerry Cooper. He could pull off an Inspector Clouseau for an SNL skit.
  • Lamest The Closer

    I too have watched every episode of The Closer But since after the break the episodes to put mildly have sucked!!! Big time too. I have never rated any episode less than an 8.5 this could have been a 4.5!

    The acting was purile, the plot cringeworthy and certainly unworthy of The Closer ( I have not really liked the Flynn and Provenza ham acts ,yawn)

    Please leave us with great memories of this series You are spoiling it with these crappy shitty crap you trying to feed your loyal fans. This is the Worst Episode of The Closer I have Ever Watched!! The 6 rating is for old time sake
  • Fools Gold

    You've got to be kidding me. We haven't missed a single episode for years...until tonight. I walked out in the middle of it. Fool's Gold is was well named because it is not even close to the real Closer we had enjoyed all these years. I had just recommended the final season to a friend and texted him not to watch it. Is this how you reward your loyal viewers with your final series? It was unwatchable. I walked away in the middle of it. Is this the "new direction" of the upcoming spin off? If so, count me out. Awful. Are you Risolli and Isle'ing us?