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7x16 - "Hostile Witness"

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    Wow, this was a powerful episode just finished watching it. Poor Brenda, after the Johnson Rule and now this. The way that Pope is sanctioning her after even he praised her for getting her man is sad. Now Brenda has her hands tied in regards to Phillip Stroh. She cant even investigate him, somehow I know that the last thing she does will be to get him. And where does/do the DA get the balls to get mad at Brenda after that deal they made with Stroh.

    And the leak in the Department still has not been found what is up with that. My thinking is that who ever it is wont be revealed until the end or maybe 2nd to the last episode. Hmmm been looking into MAjor Crime and my top 3 guesses for the leak Chief Pope, LT Gabrield, and Cmdr. Taylor

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