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7x19 - "Last Rites"

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    [1]Jul 31, 2012
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    OMG, OMG, OMFG Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????? So watched this episode about an hour or so ago and had to take it all in. Wow it sure seems like The Closer is going out with a BIG BANG. The case Brenda worked added more pressure on her, how she's is getting reprimanded for every action she takes is just plain stupid. Its seems that they are not allowing her to work her case and get her suspect every move she makes gets scrutinized. With the revelation of who the leak in her department is coming Next week there are is 1 suspect I can cross out and that is Pope.

    Pope seems to still care for what happens to Brenda even if he moves on up, he does not want to see her get fired or worse. Good news about Clay glad he is getting better and no traces of cancer in his body. Poor Willie Ray having to deal with Clay's cancer recovery all be her self in Atlanta glad Brenda flew them out here so that she could help them out with the whole process. Question remains and guess we will never find out what poor Willie Ray wanted to tell Brenda.

    And here is my Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? moment why oh why did the writers have to do that to poor old Willie Ray??? Not enough with Clay's cancer now this had to happen. I knew the moment Brenda got home that something was definitely wrong. Poor Clay was all happy making pancakes for the entire family, then Brenda goes into the room to hand Willie Ray coffee and when she didn't respond Brenda moved to the side where her mother was sleeping and found her gone. I know that in the line of work Brenda is accustomed to seeing dead people, but when its close to home.

    This answers the question of why Brenda will leave the department, she cant leave Clay alone. However I have a BIG QUESTION: Where and Why have they not brought Brenda's Brother into the mix????

    Cant believe that there are only 2 episode left before the finale, oh how I will miss my fix of The Closer and Brenda Lee Johnson. But I will tune in to Major Crimes and take a look

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    I was screaming at my television as Brenda started down the hall. Didn't you just know how awful this would be? Half looking forward to and half fearing the last 2 episodes.
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    When her father was clear the plates behind her in the kitchen, while she was on the phone, I was expecting him to collapse. But when her mother said she had something to tell her, and that it would only take a minute, and Brenda said later, I knew.

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    I'm still saying seriously kill Brenda's mom wow.

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    danharr wrote:

    I'm still saying seriously kill Brenda's mom wow.

    Yeah. I was expecting them to kill the father.

    Then the father starts getting better, and they drop some serious foreshadowing ("we'll talk later", "you'll have a heart attack" - "not today"), and I knew.

    Damn, powerful ending. I guess they are trying to hit all bases in the last episodes. We had closure on Pope and Brenda (and thankfully he wasn't being an ass because he was out of character, but because he was very much in character), we have a death in the family and we'll have the leak, which I'm pretty sure can only be Gabriel, because it would be out of character for anyone else.

    Maybe Commander Taylor, but I think that despite his ambitions, he respects the job too much. Gabriel, on the other hand, saw Brenda commit murder by proxy. While most of the others count the dead guy as a good thing, Gabriel knows what Brenda did was wrong, that she can't be judge and jury.

    So I hope that it was Gabriel, because it makes sense, and that they don't wimp him out, and make him stand on the moral ground that he has, while Brenda stands on the moral ground of having been betrayed by her protege. It will be a lot more fun if both characters are equally convinced that the other was wrong despite having doubts about their own actions.
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    the reason they don't bring the siblings in is because they all have children. brenda does not. brenda's mom died in real life late dec or early jan. i figured they had to have her die and glad she died peacefully. having her siblings come would complicate matters and brenda would not have a reason to leave. pope still a stinker.

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