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7x20 - "Armed Response"

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    [1]Aug 7, 2012
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    Well After the tragedy of last weeks final moments of the Closer this weeks continues with another case. However the events of this episode are leading up to the GRAND FINALE next week. We discover who the leak is intentional or not, we see Pope moving up and Taylor Replacing him. However even tho Brenda was still on leave more another month I really did not like how Raydor, Taylor and Pope reacted when they saw her back at work.

    Yes I get that they where trying to protect her from finding out who the leak was due to the sudden passing of Willie Ray, and yes I do agree with Provenza how many times do you see a person not telling people at home how their day at work was. That sneaking snake of a lawyer did have a good plan tho and surprised it worked this long.

    But noooooooooooooooooooo cant believe that there is only one ONE episode left can you believe it its been a good run Brenda Leigh Johnson you will be sorely missed Y'all have a good one Brenda, and thank you's for a great 7 years.

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    seemed to obvious to be him but i hope he stays with Major crimes. I like him. Watching these last epsiodes making me miss the show already!! No fritzy and brenda and the parents?? at least we got the bromance of provenza and flynn! They are too funny!

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    I LOVED the episode and the reveal of the leak. I am glad Gabriel didn't do it on purpose. It was a bit obvious it was his girlfriend because she was introduced out of the blue 2 episodes ago, but they still did an awesome job with concluding that particular story-line.

    Since Gabriel isn't going to be on the spin-off, my best bet is that Brenda will be offered another role somewhere ( not to far from LA so she can remain living together with Fritz ) and she decides to take Gabriel with her. She even told him in this episode she can't do it without him. Whereever she goes...I guess/hope he is going to the same work place.

    I don't think Brenda will die, or will split from Fritz ( they won't do that in just 1 episode ; let alone the series finale ), but I guess she is done with the job after her mum's death.
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